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We just love aden + anais

Monday, 18 April 2016  |  Admin

For anyone that knows us will know we are crazy about aden + anais…..These two items are must haves though!

We have been stocking them for around 6 years now but they first became really well known to the public when your Prince George ( ages 3 days ) stepped out ( or Kate did) wearing a gorgeous swaddle from the Jungle Jam range – I remember it well as my orders came flying in for the birdie swaddle – We as luck would have it were the only retailer who had split up the box of 4 and sold them sepereratly, so our orders went through the roof that night!

Picture supplied by Daily Mail 



The Swaddles – of course – a box of 4 is £44.95 or we sell the single swaddles for £17.95 now. They are a must as you will find they have so many uses apart from swaddling. 
• Breastfeeding cover
• Sun protector ( on pram )
• Changing the babies nappy
• Thin blanket for those hot nights ( abroad lets face it )
• Mess wiper upper 
• Teddy Bear Picnic rug



Oh we could go on, the message here really is this is not JUST a swaddle.

Next one - Changing Mat Cover- This is the Giraffe one but it comes in lots of colours.


For any new mums you probably don’t realise that sometimes babys giggle when they are having nappy changes, and sometimes they scream! Well if you had your clothes pulled off in the middle of the day and were meant to lie on cold plastic you would probably feel like screaming.. Yes it’s a simple trick to keep them giggling… lie them on warm soft muslin – for £19.95 – lets break that down – mmmmnnn 6 baby changes a day for 18 months …that would make every change costing 0.006 …Yep it’s worth it.