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We are obsessed with this changing bag

Monday, 25 April 2016  | 



Ok it could be said that we have a 'thing' about bags - but really it would be strange if we didn't in our business ... surely it shows our passion ( obsessions you say? ) shine through which we would like to think makes your buying experience a better one....  WE always try and put a footnote on most bags with a genuine opinion that we hope will be helpful. With the new Jem + Bea Amber bag it  hard to write anything ... mainly  because it's actually both  of our favorite  changing bag and we don't want to appear bias ... after all when the new Storksak bag we saw in Harrogate comes out in July we may switch allegences ( sorry we are very shallow) 

The Amber comes in a gorgeous Dove grey and black .... In 10 years of Mummy & Little Me I have resisted (although come close) to buying lots of our leather changing bags, as lets face it once I have taken the mat out it's just a wonderfully organised handbag with lots of pockets and somewhere to keep my  mini bottle of water cold!

As you can see the Jem + Bea Amber is just as lovely inside as it is out, loads of pockets, an insulated bottle holder ( wine or milk :) plus a changing mat - it's a great shape and size bag, not being so big that you put the kitchen sink in but no so small that you can't fit your real nappies in.



So yes we have resisited but come close to the Storksak Sofia or Elizabeth , the Pacapod  Firenze Putty, Jem + Bea Beatrice in orange, ( and lots more ) anyway the point is, we have never bought any ... I know hard to imagine we resisted them all .... until now

The  Jem + Bea Amber cannot be resisted in my opinion it  has just been to much for me ( us)  ... it's charms have totally got me and Tracy is succumbing ( she's so jealous !) rather quickly. 

This is me looking very smug ...I have waited a looooong time though remember ( kids nearly left home ha ha ) 



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