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Vicki's Newborn essentials

Wednesday, 30 August 2017  |  Admin

Newborn Essentials


First time round, I remember scouring the internet and the hundreds of lists on the parenting sites to try and get a grip on what we needed to get. Some of them bordered on the ridiculous. I can clearly recall having a small breakdown over a bidding war on Ebay for a Winnie the Pooh bath chair, total times used… twice. The best bit about having a second is at least you know what you do need, and you do not feel the need to go out and buy most of Mothercare.

We didn’t really buy too many clothes, as we knew friends and family would. We also want to utilise baby gros for as long as we can rather than rushing into dressing him in little outfits as the time does go so quickly and they will be adorned in Spiderman/ Paw Patrol in no time! We didn’t really bother buying toys as at this stage they just do not need them, we do have a play gym but he also seems happy enough on a blanket too. We did have a baby bath from last time, but we do not use it so it seems a bit redundant we hold him in the bath. We were quite happy to recycle some stuff we had last time, as well as buy second hand things from friends. I think you learn quite quickly for the money that you can spend on baby items to the total time they are in them/using them/ growing out of them it just is not worth it for some things.

7 weeks in, here are my top used items that we couldn’t live without!

  • Baby Bjorn carrier- having a toddler as well, I know if I strap baby to me, he will be asleep and happy and I can either do housework, dinner or pop to the shops with no fuss. I am also hands free to wrestle/ run after the eldest.


  • Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine- for those who bottle feed this is a game changer I wish this was about with Elijah! Makes a bottle ready to serve in two minutes. No more jugs! Also, good for night feeds as baby will not be waiting (aka screaming the house/street/town down) for too long!


  • Pur Flo Sleep Pod, we used this from day one, and is a safe way to co sleep, or to use in the cot. For the first few nights home from the hospital we had it in the middle of the bed with us and we have now transferred it to the cot without him really noticing. I am also planning on doing this when he moves into the bigger cot.


  • The New Mum’s Notebook by Amy Ransom- a diary that focus on you and your mental health and the perfect way to keep track of big milestones too. I thoroughly recommend this and have used it from day one. In the hormonal and newborn fog it is nice just to rationalise everything on paper as a way of finding your way through those first few months.


  • Swaddle blankets- So much easier than trying to swaddle yourself which at 2am is like trying to take part in the Crystal Maze by trying to wrap and then transfer a sleeping baby without waking them up!


  • Double Pram- We stupidly thought that our eldest who is nearly three would stand on a buggy board or walk nicely when we took both the boys out. WRONG. Cue a lot of anxiety, a sold pram, and a newly invested double pram which is worth more than our monthly rent but we are officially able to get out the house without losing one of them!


  • Netflix- I had forgotten how much time you spend on the sofa feeding! So, Netflix has been my best friend in the first few weeks, entire days have been spent binge watching.


  • Kokoso baby coconut oil- It eliminated all the dry skin newborns tend to get in the first week or so, smells amazing and it completely natural. We use it after a bath and also every day for a massage on him. The eldest really suffered with his skin, but so far, this stuff has been amazing.


  • My Birth Box- This is the most ingenious idea, you can order a box with everything you need for your hospital bag and those first couple of days. In a couple of clicks, your hospital bag will be pretty much sorted! It would make such a good present as well. It was such a relief to know I didn’t have to go around the shops with my horrendous baby brain trying to remember everything.


  • Baby Bouncer- This has been a life saver, when he will not settle in his basket, he seems to prefer sitting upright with the vibrate setting on! He also likes looking around the room from his chair and it allows you to have your arms back for a bit!


  • GIN and biscuits- need I say anymore?


What would your newborn essentials be? And what do you think was a complete waste of time?