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Vicki's Natural Birth Plan

Thursday, 22 June 2017  |  Admin

My natural birth plan (ish) .....


We are very quickly approaching my due date and it is time to put ‘the plan’ into place.

The plan has changed quite considerably since I first found out I was pregnant, circumstances, more knowledge, being a high-risk pregnancy, having a toddler, life and 2 failed driving tests later and here we are.

I was asked in my last midwife appointment if I had a plan, or if you use the hypnobirthing term, ‘birth preparation’, and I had a lot of ideas in my head but it was time to get organised and get everything sorted. The hospital bags are packed now was time to arrange how we get there and what do we do with the small human we had previously given birth to two years prior.

Unfortunately, the plan that Greg would be driving and we would have a car by the time the baby came has not gone to plan. However, after a small minor breakdown and a few reality checks from some very lovely friends we have adapted and prepared a couple of other scenarios.

I want as natural birth as I can, using hypnobirthing techniques, oils, massage and if possible a water birth. Ideally, I would like to stay at home for as long as I can until I am in established labour. (I was 8cm when I arrived at the delivery suite with Elijah and was soon pushing). I want to be familiar in my own environment, to be able to relax and according to Greg watch Rocky until we are ready to make our transition to the hospital.

When the first cramps/ twinges begin or my water breaks we will need to call the delivery suite to inform them, as I will need to be put on a drip at some point during the later stages of labour to try and prevent me haemorrhaging again. This is where we will begin to hint dramatically that we would like the birth pool too.

Our neighbour has offered to come and sit with Elijah if it is during the night, and we have a 24-hour taxi on call. If it is during the day my Nan will be collecting Elijah and we have a family member taking us to hospital.

We will also be calling our birth partner to begin her journey down from Milton Keynes so let’s hope for no traffic!

Once we are at the hospital unlike last time, I want a very active birth with a pregnancy ball, matt, dim lights basically I will try and recreate what we did at home, there. Other than the drip and the odd monitoring I would like as little medical intervention as possible. I would like to be left just to get on with it. However, I do need to keep in mind some things may not go this way and I must remain positive and own whatever will happen within the birth experience.

The labour from start to finish with Elijah was only 8 hours long so I am secretly hoping for another quick one. I love the idea of baby number two being born in the pool and us getting out to go on the bed and have skin to skin. I was so out of it last time, I can barely remember anything after Elijah was born. I know Greg fed him, changed him while I was being stitched up. I am hoping to try and breastfeed at least to begin with, but I am also not fussed if Greg ends up feeding the baby if I am unwell again.

I have some very traumatic memories of being stitched up and haemorrhaging post partem so if I am not in a place to Greg knows to demand that I am given heavier pain killers or be taken to theatre. The funny thing is first time round, you do not really know what to expect, what you can and cannot ask for and this time I have really equipped myself with the knowledge of what I have a right to. My notes are clear with what I want, and what they are doing to prevent the previous problems from reoccurring. I guess I have a confidence I didn’t have before, and this does come from the knowledge gained since having Elijah. I know first-hand the impact of how a traumatic birth can really affect your mentality.

Since we found out I was pregnant I envisioned, dim lighting, music playing, breathing exercises with the baby gently arriving into the world. Whether we will get this who knows. One thing I need to make sure I remain positive, I ask for what I want and try to enjoy the birth experience. This is likely our last pregnancy and birth and I want this to be the one that I enjoy telling others about. I want others that have had traumatic births before to feel confident with their next one.

The most important thing to remember though, whether I get my natural birth plan or not, I will be getting my new son or daughter at the end of it. Ultimately, that makes it all worthwhile.