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Ultimate Guide to what do I need in my Baby Bag?

Thursday, 1 November 2018  |  Admin

New to Parenthood? Think you haven't a clue what you are meant to be putting into your baby changing bag?  Well the truth is we get asked this question quite a lot!  So we thought we would put the Ultimate Guide out there - fashions change, new equipment comes on the market every day, some of you like to have 'Mary Poppins' style bags with everything in, including the kitchen sink of course - whereas others are less cautious, or maybe have back problems, or for whatever reason carry the minimum in their changing bag - either way this is for you from not just us - 'Baby Changing experts' but also from some of our bloggers!' 

One of our favorite and certainly oldest Bloggers  ( in terms of writing not AGE!) has this to say about what goes in a changing bag :-

"Me and my friend always joke that you can judge what stage someone is at parent wise by the size of their changing bag and the amount of things they bring with them! Oh and if they have their own handbag or have just dumped their purse into the changing bag'' Vicky Cockerill social media specialist and freelance Blogger, Vicky gives us this list for her changing

Wet wipes
Spare clothes
Emergency bribe toy
Emergency bribe snack
Drinks bottle
Phone for watching emergency Peppa Pig! 

Vicky is a NICU Mum so has another list for a NICU changing bag .... Vicky says 


"When our son got admitted to NICU it sat in the corner of my room and stayed there for 7 days, I think at some point it may have even got taken home. 
Being in NICU there were other things we needed that we hadn't packed but after numerous trips home and a few days we found we had need for different things and our "NICU changing bag" soon looked very different from when we first went in."

Nappies (Pampers now do preemie ones but Elijah was in newborn, you will find most NICU wards have their own too.)
A couple of outfits which had buttons down middle and allowed access to wires and sat monitors once he was allowed to get dressed.
A few blankets/ comforters to make the cot/incubator feel more homely (many NICU wards will provide knitted triangles which a mum can wear for a day or so and then leave for the baby so they have a smell of mum and then you can swap for another etc).
Hand cream for parents (hand sanitizer is very drying).
Lip balm for parents (hospital environment very drying)
Hospital literature you will tend to be given a pack and you may want to refer to it from time to time so keeping it in one place means you can always have it to hand.
Emergency sanitary items for mum, don't forget you are still healing and saves you going backwards and forwards to ward or bringing extra supplies in as space is tight.
Phone chargers
Book/journal/phone to either keep a record of baby's NICU journey, taking photos it can be fairly draining to be at the bedside for hours on end so a form of distraction is welcomed.
I tended to try to find blogs to read about other NICU parents or parenting forums and I felt comforted by others' stories.
We liked to read to Elijah as he seemed to respond to our voices.
Dummies-  not for every baby but Elijah settled when he had something to suck.
Breast pads/bottles/pumps bags etc most NICUs have a pumping room but it might be nice to use your own bits from home if not most wards can provide you with what you need - Elijah was bottle fed so we had ready made milk and a sterlised bottle.
Other than a water machine you won't really be able to bring food/water in so take regular breaks for snacks and meals.

Or Chelle McCann one our well known bloggers had this to say when she gave us some pointers some time ago ( Tweet: @chellemccann)

So what do I pack in my daily change bag?

Nappy pouch for my 18 month old / 3 nappies, socks, wipes and bottom cream
Nappy pouch for my 8 weeks old / 5 nappies, socks, wipes and bottom cream
Breast pads
A change of clothes for each boy
A blanket just in case what's on the buggy isn't enough
A wrap sling for the newborn
My diary and pens
Face wipes
Lip balm
Purse, keys and phone!
Back up phone charger
Tagging or teddy

Chelle clearly has a bigger baby changing bag then Vicki! 

So  another one of our Mummy Bloggers says we need these :- 

  • nappies for two as unfortunately our 3 year old is still in pull ups
  • Wipes (how much are a god send are baby wipes, with a multitude of uses) water wipes are fab especially for stuck on muck
  • Bum cream – our favourite go to creams for sore bottoms are bepanthan or metanium though new ones on the market now such as organic green people… what do you use? I would love to try others as my children have allergies
  • Keys – car and door with our little touch of Disney
  • Changes of clothes – we have reflux here so two sets of spare clothes are a must
  • Fresh re-useable Breast pads – I add these in if we are going to be out all day
  • Muslins by the bucket load – only joking but at a wedding Saturday I used 5 with little man – the Aden and Anais look lovely maybe too beautiful to use lol
  • Anti bacterial gel or our new found foam as it protects from even norovirus
  • Nappy sacks – for dirty clothes as well as dirty nappies
  • Red book – so I always know where it is
  • Purse – love my Kate spade purse -  little bit of the old me where I used to use a handbag
  • Hairbrush with spare hair tie
  • Make up – usually just a lipstick but if all day then a full face touch up
  • Baby’s reflux medicine and syringe
  • Snacks – for me and the three year old
  • Now I pack a large muslin for breastfeeding cover though my little man doesn’t like to be covered anymore but because he is combi fed we have to pack bottles and milk – this is the reason that on my wants list is the pacapod lite pods

As you can see there are a lot of basics that they all have on - things like hair brush and make -up you may not need. 

Kylie one of our Bloggers has this list! 

For those who haven’t read my blogs before, I’m Kylie, mummy to 1-year old Etta and 3-year-old Lincoln. My current baby bag is the Skip Hop Greenwhich and inside my essentials are:


  1. Nappies for Etta. I prefer proper nappies for the change bag as opposed to nappy pants that I use at home because I can pull her tights or trousers down and don’t have to remove her shoes to get them on!
  2. A decent supply of wet wipes for nappy changes and sticky hands.
  3. Nappy Sacks.
  4. Drinks for both kids. I go for straw cups as I find they leak less.
  5. Snacks and plenty of them. I don’t know if its just my children but as soon as they see the change bag, they start requesting snacks.
  6. Nappy cream just in case Etta needs some while we are out.
  7. Calpol sachets– these have been a life saver so many times. Kids get temperatures so quickly its handy to have a supply in my bag. I also carry paracetamol for myself.
  8. Teething granules for sore teeth.
  9. Muslin squares. I don’t think many people still carry these around for a 1-year old, but Etta has awful reflux, so they are still so handy for cleaning her up. 
  10. Numerous changes of clothes. One set for Lincoln and at least 2 for Etta in case reflux strikes.
  11. Lip balm and hand cream for me because I can’t bear to have dry hands and lips.
  12. My purse because I seem to constantly need to pay for things.
  13. Hats for summer or winter and I’ve just added gloves. Nothing worse than a cold toddler.
  14. Toys to keep them both occupied and colouring crayons and a mini colouring book for the toddler.
  15. A bib and cutlery for Etta.
  16. Spare dummy is always a must as Etta likes to throw them.
  17. My most random item is ketchup sachets as the toddler won’t eat certain meals without ketchup.
  18. My phone which I never leave home without.

So based on all of these different opinions, we have come up with out minimalistic version of  ... our




Nappies - lots  (try the organic ones they are so much better for baby's skin) Ulula do some great stuff check them out! 

Nappy bags - try the scented ones

Cream - sudocream or try a Weleda at Ulula

Wipes - Cheeky Wipes are amazing, check them out!  

Spare baby  clothes -  we think you can't beat onesies, comfortable, small and cute, look at ours HERE

Bottles - even if you are breastfeeding it's maybe helpful to have water

Muslins - it has to be aden + anais !

Changing mat and insulated bottle warmers a must but they do come in all our baby changing bags...

And that is that - simple! 


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