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Two kids under 4 and PND

Friday, 10 November 2017  |  Admin


Harlow’s four-month update.



I remember sitting where I am right now and writing my 28-week pregnancy update as if was some time last week. It seems in the mist of giving birth, beginning to adjust to the juggle of two kids it appears time went by in the blink of the eye and Harlow is now 18 weeks old.

With Elijah being so full on 90% of the time, poor Harlow had to slot in and gets overlooked until suddenly I look him, and he seems so much bigger, or does something new and I am stunned. Harlow always amazes me how alert he is, and has been since he was born. He is always watching, observing and taking everything in. I may be wrong, but I have a feeling he will be the opposite of his brother, quiet, brooding but never misses a trick.

Whether it’s because we have been through it before, he just seems to be doing everything all at once and so much quicker than I can remember Elijah doing. Already he is nearly rolling, basically sitting up and playing intently with a couple of small toys. And boy this one can eat, I couldn’t keep up so just like Elijah we have started the weaning journey early to try and satisfy him for longer than an hour or so!

I sometimes feel guilty we are not making such a big deal out of the milestones or taking as many photos, keeping a baby journal etc, but the truth is with two kids we just do not have the time. On one hand I enjoy him learning new things, achieving quickly but on the other hand I want him to stay as squishy and new. We can no longer class him as a new-born, and this makes me sad and it is unlikely I will have another, but I also enjoy seeing the boys interact more and more with each other and know this is only the start.

He has changed so much in such a short time I know that it will only be a few more weeks and he will be doing a whole array of new things and at this rate probably eating steak dinners! He is going to be having his first settling in sessions at nursery at the end of the month, and he just seems so small.

For me the last 4 months have been a challenge, but I feel as though the PND fog is lifting, and Elijah is also beginning to adapt a lot more and help me out.

Now, I just need to work out how to move to a new house with two kids under 4…….

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