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TV Adverts at Christmas shown between children's Programmes

Tuesday, 28 November 2017  |  Admin

The holidays are coming, so are the TV adverts


Right, Halloween is over, the fireworks have gone up in smoke, that means its nearly time. It’s nearly Christmas!

Shops are beginning to transform into winter wonderlands and the smell of cinnamon candles is heavy in the air.

The Christmas tree (a real one!) has been ordered as it will be our first after the move but there is something else we need to sort other than planning the food and drink for the day.

Elijah’s 10-mile-long Christmas list.

Now, Elijah is three and he is beginning to grasp the concept of Christmas and he gets presents, he hasn’t really asked for anything specific before not even for his birthday in September.

Until now that is.

It seems that one thing is to blame; TV adverts.

It has led me to consider something, should TV adverts be shown in between children’s tv programmes?

Elijah tends to watch TV when he wakes up and eats his breakfast and we sort the baby out, for the first couple of years it was generally C Beebies he watched, no adverts hence no demands, no I WANT THIS, MUUUUMMMMMMM I want this. Now, he is branching out to other channels especially those that show Fireman Sam.

It is full on, one after the other and all of them seem to be £30 at least. With kids shows about 10 minutes long in 3 hours that is a lot of adverts. Now he has seen them of course he wants them all even things he wouldn’t really play with if they were right there in front of him because it is on TV he wants it.

Children are so easily influenced, and yes it could be argued I shouldn’t let him watch TV if I didn’t want him to see this etc, but that is not going to happen, realistically is it? I think the toy manufactures pray on this and manipulate them, the bright colours, the catchy theme tunes that stick in there and your heads the way that Elijah’s eyes literally widen at every single one makes me think perhaps they should be limited.

Especially when they are being shown so early, seriously Baby Wow Wow and Gassy the Cow at 6am? Come on!

Of course, by him adding these to his Christmas List doesn’t guarantee him getting them (I would need Alan Sugar’s income for that) but what happened to the time where we circled the Argos book? Were adverts really this manipulative when we were younger, perhaps they were, and I have forgotten. Or am I more aware now as a parent as I am footing the bill? Have the toy companies just become far more influential in our children’s lives?

I am certainly hoping Elijah forgets everything he has asked for on Christmas Morning that’s for sure, and I am hoping to forget that damn theme tune to Shaker Baker by then too!

But I wonder, should TV adverts during children’s programmes be limited or moderated? Or stopped completely as they seem to have an enormous influence on our children.

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