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Travelling with a toddler

Friday, 23 September 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me

My husband and I last went on holiday in September 2013, 1 month before i discovered i was pregnant with Joey. Joey was born July 2014 so we knew a holiday wouldn't be happening anytime soon. Fast forward 2 years on and we have just come back from a mini break in Scotland. Not the 2 weeks of sun in Turkey like we used to do before Joey came along but still just as stressful.

As the husband works full time he has to book time off work or else he'll lose his holidays so we decided to book a couple of days in Scotland which is 220 miles away from where we live. The thought of a few days away seemed amazing but how would our two year old cope in a car for 2 and a half hours?

Our journey up to Scotland on Tuesday was pretty good, no metdowns from the toddler in the car. Once we got to Ayr and booked into our B&B we went to find somewhere to get some food and as soon as i tried to get him in the highchair he screamed his head off. We ended up taking him to this massive soft play centre and then the park outside to try and tire him out. Surprisingly he went to sleep easily at bedtime even though he wasn't in a cot and had to share with mummy...he then woke up at 6am instead of his usual 8am.

Our first breakfast in the B&B was a nightmare, no highchairs so had to try him on a normal chair and he kept running off and not interested in breakfast. Needless to say i had a little bit of a cry in our room as it started to feel like we couldn't go out anywhere. The rest of our full day in Scotland was hit and miss with meltdowns from Joey, we managed to have some lunch in a pub with only one meltdown when i went to the toilet. That evening we were determined to go out for our tea so we decided to go to Frankie & Bennys and he was as good as gold, maybe he was quiet because it was very near to bedtime but i could actually enjoy my meal for once.

The next day it was time to check out of the b&b and make our way home. It was my turn to drive, not long after we set off Joey had a nap which was good. We stopped off at Gretna Green for some lunch and yet again Joey had yet another meltdown which even the playground couldn't make better. We set off again with still another 100 miles or so to go and he had another nap but 30 minutes away from home on the busy M6 and he decides to have another meltdown.

There is no denying that travelling with young kids is quite stressful whether its by car, plane or even boat. What is the best way to entertain a toddler though????