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Top Tips For Potty training

Friday, 23 June 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

My daughter potty trained back in February and she was dry in the daytime within the week, she took us by surprise as she just decided all of a sudden that she was ready right then. I was unprepared I hadn't bought any supplies that you would expect such as knickers, treats, reward chart, travel potty etc. Even though she trained quickly and was dry during the day the night time took a lot longer.

She still breastfeed's to sleep so I can't be one of those parents who says right you can't drink liquids after 7/8 pm because she still drinks before going to sleep. She would never wake in the night asking for the potty so I knew that she we wasn't ready for night training just yet. That's why we are now in June and have only just taken the night-time plunge 2 weeks ago, she is now dry at night (apart from one accident last week). Some of Sophia's friends who are potty trained did the night training along side day training and some have said it can take many months (even years) to crack the night time training. I knew that Sophia was ready because she would wake up in the night crying that she needed a wee, I also knew that she was ready when her pull ups would be dry in the morning I waited until they had been dry 2/3 weeks in a row before making the switch. I'm sure that I would have tried it sooner if she still didn't end up sleeping in our bed about 5/6am as I can easily protect her bed with a bed mat under her fitted sheet. I did try a couple of bed mats under my sheet and they were so uncomfortable - crunchy to sleep on and I swear they made me feel a lot hotter than usual so after 2 days I took them off and so far thankfully she hasn't had an accident in our bed. I always get her to go to the toilet before bed and if she wakes in the night I then again ask her if she needs to go (she usually says no).

Things that have helped me with night training:

  • Bed mats, the no.1 must buy.
  • Putting a potty in her bedroom where she can see it. I originally put it in the corridor but she didn't use it. Since putting the potty in here room she has used it several times.
  • Have a night-light, if she wakes up she can see her potty straight away and it's only a short walk away so she won't trip up in the semi-darkness.
  • Using pull-ups and then knickers with her favourite characters on, we call them 'night time knick knicks' and they are different from her day time ones so she thinks that they are a bit more special. 
  • Explain to them how important it is to keep their underwear dry. Make a big fuss in the morning if they are dry. Don't shout if they have an accident as it's inevitable really, especially if they are unwell.
  • We use a baby monitor so I can hear her if she is awake and needing the toilet, she usually cries that she needs to go but once I went in and she has done a wee and wiped her own bum so we are getting there.
  • Have patience don't expect them to do it as quick as the day training as it can take many months.
  • Trust - I have had to have a lot of trust letting her sleep in our bed with no waterproof protection. You just have to trust them and go for it. 

How long did it take for you to night train your little one? - Jodie x