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Top 5 items for your Toddlers

1 CommentFriday, 12 May 2017  |  Admin

There are a number of products that I use every single day that won't leave the house without, I have narrowed it down to my top 5 must have products for a toddler:


  1. Travel potty - Now that my daughter is potty trained I don't want to leave the house without a travel potty. We are sometimes travelling on a bus for up to an hour at a time and I know that if a toddler says that they needs to go then they need to go soon. I always like having a plan in place for the nearest toilet for if she needs to go and the easiest plan is to have a travel potty with me at all times. That way if we are caught out on the bus we can get off at the next stop and let her do her business and then carry on with our journey. My favourite one is the Potette travel potty as it's the only one that I've found that folds up and will fit in my backpack. It folds out and you put a biodegradable bag in it that has an absorbent pad at the bottom, it soaks up a lot of urine and then you just dispose of the bag as you would a nappy in any bin, it also comes in its own bag for hygiene reasons.       
  2. Backpack changing bag - A absolute must have! I cannot express how much easier it is using a backpack changing bag with a toddler. We don't always go out with the pram so I like to be hands free, I also find that changing bags can get very heavy but I feel that it's easier to carry that weight on your back, somehow it feels lighter on your back?. I also prefer one aimed at the baby market because you can usually attach them onto your pram straps too for if you don't want to carry it. I love how many are stylish as well as functional! I'm currently using the Kerikit Thor which I can't recommend enough.
  3. Reins - Even when we go out in the pram I still usually bring the reins with us because she will be guaranteed to want to get out and stretch her legs at one point. I feel so much more at ease if she is on reins because as well as not running off I don't have to worry that someone might try to snatch her. I know it's a rare occurrence but we did have a run in with some stranger danger last week. We were at the park having a picnic and it was pretty quiet with not many people around and a man got up from a bench about 100-150m away and walked past a man sat on a bench and walked over to us on the grass and asked if he could sit with us. I said no but I got a very creepy vibe from him and I felt that uncomfortable that we left soon after. So I like to have my daughter on reins at all times when not in the pram.
  4. Sunhat - These are quite underrated and to be honest it was something that I thought only babies wore unless you were on holiday but we discovered Little Hotdog Watson last year and are still obsessed this summer. My daughter loves to wear hats and I love how bright these ones are and they are actually quite technical, The fabric is coated with an insect repellent and the interior fabric was designed by NASA, it keeps my daughters head cool even when it's very hot so no more sweaty hat hair. I love how lightweight and flexible they are I just fold it up and keep it in one of the inside pockets of my changing bag.
  5. Stainless Steel Drink Container - I got sick of constantly buying new sippy cups due to them leaking or growing mold. I was spending about £5 per month so I decided to look into something better and I came across Klean Kanteen, they are made from a high-grade stainless steel and are free from all of the bad stuff that you get from plastic. Stainless steel is a lot more heavy-duty and will last for many years Klean Kanteen come with a lifetime guarantee so even though they cost more than the regular sippy cup I shouldn't ever need to buy a replacement one. All the parts come apart for easy cleaning and you can buy replacement tops. I love it so much that I have bought an adult one which I carry with me every day. I hate drinking water so if I carry it around with me it feel like I have to drink it.
Do you have any favourite products that you wouldn't be without? Please share in the comment box below. - Jodie x

Monday, 15 May 2017  |  14:42

Mine was a giant muslin, we used them dressing up, dolls picnics, cleaning up ( things!) and lots more!