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Top 10 selling changing bags for January 2018

Wednesday, 17 January 2018  | 


If you are not sure where to start with changing bags then here is a list of our top 10 selling bags for January 2018, this changes every month as we have over 300 changing bags on our site but it may help you start to pin down the sort of thing you are looking for.

  1.         The PacaPod Saunton in Pewter , from their brand new lite range

       2. Yep the same bag in a different colour is number 2 - sorry but you want the truth don't you! 



3. The Skip Hop Greenich in Smoke ( lots of other colours available

4. Annoying I know but PacaPod have a third in the top 10 and this bag is not even out yet!!


5. Jem + Bea - this wonderful leather changing bag also comes in Tan and Grey

6. The Storksak Noa in Grey, a classic that is still going very strong! 

7. Babymel, this brand new bag has been super popular, amazing price!


8. Melobaby Vacancy - a surprise entry from Melobaby, this is a fab bag with loads of accessories.

9. Ok not strictly a changing bag but the best piece of kit you could need for travelling with a baby.



10. Backpacks are all the rage and this is no exception -  Jem + Bea  a very smart bag!

So that's the lot - it's every changing every week and although PacaPod have dominated it this week it could easily be Storksak next.  We always say that we are here to advise and we mean it - do call us, whatever your question is we should be able to help.


Quite frankly being an internet company we love to talk to customers so make our day!!







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