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Toddlers and Chicken Pox

Saturday, 28 April 2018  |  Admin



When Easter makes you crack up…


Sorry, I couldn’t resist the terribly bad pun, but it does fit with the Easter holidays we had. I was looking forward to the holidays - two and a half weeks with my little family, enjoying the Spring and time together – but the expectation was far from the reality.


Don’t get me wrong, we did have two lovely days out at the beginning – we visited a (very muddy) farm to see the lambing, and we went out for lunch with our friends and their little people. The weather wasn’t great but we got over that, fully optimistic that the next two weeks would be sunny and we would get out and about.


Day three dawned, and whilst getting ready for a trip to visit family an hour away, I noticed a spot on the back of Izzy’s neck. Ian casually mentioned that he’d seen it the night before, just thought it was a bite and hadn’t thought to say anything as he thought it was nothing. Oh how wrong he was – it was not ‘nothing’, but THE DREADED CHICKENPOX.


Once confirmed by Dr Internet and the lovely pharmacist at our local chain-store chemists, we purchased cooling gel for her, wine for us, and began our disease-induced quarantine. All plans were cancelled – seeing friends, soft play, trips to see family, a trip to London to see Justin Fletcher, and mine and Hubby’s first date day this year! I also had the cringe-worthy task of sending the apology text to our friends we had seen the day before – none of their little people had had chickenpox yet, and Izzy was the first of the bunch. Oh the shame!


The following days blur into one. Hubby & I managed to nip out individually whilst the other stayed at home with the plague-ridden toddler, who was now also suffering from cabin-fever. Our garden is the approximate size of a postage-stamp, and no matter how many games of football and ‘spot the cat’ we played with her, she was bored. In a way we are very lucky that she wasn’t more poorly with it, but trying to entertain a toddler who is full of beans in a confined space for several days poses its own set of challenges!


Big parenting tip to help the pox: cooling gel, anti-histamines, infant paracetamol, and porridge oats stuffed in an old sock in a warm bath. Five days after the first spot, the scabs began and we left the house. It was still misty, it was still cold, and it was still very, very grey, but we were outside in the fresh air! A quick walk in the grounds of a local National Trust property gave us the hope that we could salvage something from our Easter break. Two days later and we even managed breakfast and a shopping trip.


On the bright side, at least the dreaded pox is over, she wasn’t too bothered by it, the scars are small, and we didn’t get stuck indoors during beautiful Spring days. She also timed it perfectly so we didn’t need to take time off work. It wasn’t pleasant but in my experience it does seem a little easier if they get it when they’re a toddler or before they start school. Sending love to anyone who is currently looking after a chickenpox child – you will get there!