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Tips on how to wean a toddler off the Breast

Tuesday, 6 March 2018  |  Admin


On a recent post I mentioned how I was still breastfeeding my 3-year-old daughter and how she shows no signs of stopping. She would even get upset at the mention of stopping but over the past week something unexpected has happened she has finally fully weaned!.

I am a little bit shocked as I knew that I wanted to stop soon and had brought it up in conversation every now and again that when she was 4 this summer that she would then be too big for mummy milk. So how did we manage to finally stop?. The answer is that I'm not really sure I think it was a combination of things. For the past few months it has been more painful on one side when she is feeding and when she fed on it I would always say be gentle as it hurts and I would try to offer her the other side where possible and try and avoid her going on my sore side. Then last week the other side became painful when feeding so much so that I would say right you need to get off now it hurts too much.

I remember saying that when she was feeding to sleep and she did cry but she rolled over and when she calmed down she asked me to tickle her back. The next morning it still hurt so I told her that mummy had stopped making milk now and that she was too big anyway. I told her if she didn't have any milk for that day or night that I would buy her a Superzing tomorrow which is a little toy that she likes and it worked. It was very trying when she got tired late afternoon and no way did I think she would go to sleep that night without having milk but she did!.

I was amazed and I guess she was ready too, she must have known that her days were numbered and knew that the end was near so accepted it. I do feel that talking about it going to end soon definitely helped as she understood that it wouldn't be for much longer. I was even more amazed when she went a full 48 hours, when out in town she saw a Pony toy that she liked and I said if you can go 2 more full days without mummy milk then I will buy it you and she did. I bought it and wrapped it up for her and made a big deal out of it and she was happy. She has now gone nearly a whole week and she has done a lot better than I expected. It is hard and I feel guilty as she has been ill since we stopped and now might have mumps so she hasn't been drinking as much as I'd like but she is doing ok.

It's really funny because when she is tired she asks to feel my boobies as it gives her comfort so now instead of feeding her to sleep she just cuddle's up against my chest and goes to sleep.

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I knew that this day would come but I do feel a little bit sad but also very happy as my poor boobs have had enough and since stopping they haven't flinched, they haven't even felt full or uncomfortable in the slightest so they were definitely ready. - Jodie @wigan_mum