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Tips for weaning your baby

Wednesday, 13 July 2016  |  Admin


Weaning Tips
It seems like ages ago since Joey started weaning. As you can tell by the title of this series of posts, the weaning didn't go too well as he's fussy as hell now. So here are a few things I'd do differently because obviously somewhere down the line something went epically wrong...

Homemade purees - I'm going to be honest and admit that we used jars of pureed food from the start of his weaning. The premade jars are convenient but are they the healthiest option? Probably not. So next time I'd rely more on making my own purees at home and then freezing.

More fruit and veg - incorporate more fruit and veg into his purees to get him used to different flavours. I don't think i gave him a big variety of different fruit and vegetables.

Food processor - I never had a food processor when I was weaning Joey. They don't have to be expensive and Tommee Tippee even do their own, it would have made making my own purees much easier and wpuld have encouraged me to make my own.
Weaning equipment

High chair - we only started using a high chair for Joey when he was about 7 months old. The one we have which is from Ladybird, doesn't seem all that comfy. One highchair that seems quite popular is the Ikea Antilop which is only £13.

Weaning spoons - when you first start the weaning process with pureed foods you'll need some weaning spoons. We had loads of them which included a pack of Tommee Tippee airplane spoons which made mealtimes a bit more enjoyable.

Bowls - when we started weaning Joey we just used plastic tommee tippee bowls that are really cheap. But Joey used to throw his plate on the floor quite a lot so the new suction plates would have been so handy.

Section plates - once your child is on more solid foods then section plates are really handy. They make mealtimes a bit more exciting, presentable and interesting also allowing you to introduce different food groups. We love the Munchkin apple shaped plates and the basic Nuby ones aswell which are really cheap.

Bibs - you can never have too many bibs. I found the material/cotton ones to be a waste of money because half the time they'd be ruined from steins. So i really recommend a long tshirt bib or a plastic bib that catches excess food.

Cups - when we started to introduce Joey to sippy cups he had no idea what to do. Nuby have a great range of cups that train your child to drink from a cup. At 2 years old Joey can now drink from a cup that has a straw.

Would you do anything differently when it comes to weaning?