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Tips for surviving the first few weeks of parenthood

Wednesday, 20 January 2016  |  Admin


5 Tips For Surviving Your First Few Weeks


As A Parent On the journey home from the hospital, I began wondering how I was going to survive parenthood. Looking at my newborn child, I began to truly realise the responsibility before me. I had to look after a human. A human who was going to be relying on me for everything. I had read a fair amount of parenting books in the hope that my mind would take on board every bit of information that i had read. What I really needed was sensible tips to help me get through those early weeks. I hope a few of these will help you in those early weeks, where a combination of tiredness and love reign.

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps - That old chestnut! In the early weeks, it's advice that may help you to survive with your sanity intact. Newborns sleep for up to 16-18 hours a day. You will no doubt be up throughout the night feeding your baby, so be sure to sleep during the day whenever the opportunity arises. You will have undergone major surgery (c-section) or will be recovering from giving birth. The housework can wait, as can visitors. Just make sure you put yourself first.

2. Accept help - In those early weeks, expect to receive an influx of visitors. Once you are ready to see other people, make use of their offers of help. From putting the kettle on to helping load the washing machine, there will be people willing to help. When your partner offers to help - let him. It will allow time for him to bond with his son/daughter, which is also important.

3. Step away from Google - I was guilty of googling pretty much anything parenting related in those early weeks. Rather than trust my instincts, I decided that I would trust Google. From a pimple on Jack's lip that I was sure was a cold-sore, to my worries about Jack's colic, Google only made my worry worse. Trust your instincts - 9/10 it will be right and on that odd occasion that you are unsure, your health visitor and doctor will be there to help.

4. Don't try to be perfect - There is not just one way to raise a child. I'm sure at many points throughout the coming months, you will receive lots of 'helpful' advice. Choose what you take on board and forget the idea of the perfect mother. It does not exist. Don't feel like a failure on days where you haven't managed to leave the house. Celebrate the mini-victories - you got dressed, played with your baby and managed to cook dinner!

5.Enjoy the early weeks - Jack is now 21 months old and is a fully fledged toddler. I look back fondly on those first few weeks. Enjoy them! Hold your newborn, look into their eyes and remember this time will not last long. Take plenty of pictures. They are fantastic to look back on.

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