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Tips for National Breastfeeding week

Monday, 20 June 2016  |  Admin



It’s It’s National Breastfeeding week next week and so we decided to ask some of our favourite bloggers from #BlogBumpClub to share some of their advice.

Hannah @hibabyblog Don't be afraid to ask for help, it's not always easy and needing a hand doesn't mean you're failing.

Vi @goriami - Invest in a good nursing bra, mine saved my sanity. Oh..and refreshments keep a drink and snack handy. I had a bucket by the sofa where snacks and drinks, TV remote etc lived so I had everything to hand while feeding - no stress. Oh..and if you have a lazy feeder tickle their feet to keep them awake.

Heledd @yummyblogger Use breast shells to catch extra milk to use for bottle feeds!

Alex @lambandbear Make sure you establish a good latch from the very first feed. Ask a midwife you show you how to do it and confirm your latch is perfect. You may think baby is latched but they could be slightly off, which will cause damage to your nipple and can be really painful.

Leslie @messybloguk Wear 2 tops. Then to feed uncool your bra and pull the bottom top down first. You only then need to lift your top one up enough for baby to access nipple and nothing else is in show. People don't even notice. It's a massive confidence boost knowing you can get away with feeding in public and people being totally oblivious.

Katie @ Even if you start ok, when your milk comes in the baby may struggle to latch. If your boobs are engorged try hand expressing a little milk off and then see if baby can latch. I woke up with boulders with my first baby and just couldn't get her to feed until I softened them a little.

I for once now how hard it is breastfeeding. I’ve managed to 3 times and have had very up and down experience and now with my third child I am intending to extend the time now due to my little ones cows milk allergy. My advice is take it slow, have water and snacks to hand. Find you local breastfeeding peer support group and go to them with any worries or just in general for support. The worst thing you can do is feel pressured at all by yourself or others. The more relaxed you are the easier the breastfeeding journey will be.

What tips would you pass on to a mum who would like to breastfeed?