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Tips for a smooth morning

Tuesday, 21 March 2017  |  Admin


Tips to make a smooth morning.


Mornings are always chaotic for me, especially when we're both off to work which is Tuesday - Friday each week. We're both racing around like headless chickens in a trance to just exit the house as smoothly and quickly as possible. But since I've returned to work this is something I have wanted to change and banish, even if I can't manage to stop my other half acting this way I can certainly do it myself. I was finding that I would arrive at work stressed and frazzled, which of course isn't the best way to start any working day. If you yourself feel this rings true to you, follow my tips to have a smoother morning in your household.


1. Get up earlier. I know it's easier said than done but it really made a huge difference to me. I forced myself into thinking I needed to be up 20 minutes before I really did. That way I could take things slower, there wasn't a drama if my toddler took forever eating breakfast and if there was a last minute baby sick on the uniform I had time to change. 


2. Allow for traffic. If your journey takes 20 minutes, allow for thirty. Always give yourself extra time, tell yourself the journey is 30 minutes so that if it takes longer you aren't running late nor are you stressed. What is the worst that could happen? You'll arrive early and look super efficient. 


3. Have breakfast. I am guilty of ignoring this from time to time, but try your best to sit down, watch some morning television and enjoy a cuppa at least. The day wont feel as frantic if it's started with such a casual start. Taking time to sit down and finish your hot drink feels much nicer than gulping one on the go.


4. Prepare, prepare. The night before do as much as you possibly can, get the lunches ready, pop the bottle under the perfect prep, lay clothes out, put the teabag and sugar in your coffee cup. Just prepare. It is going to speed up things in the morning that may only take a minute here or there, but time adds up!


5. Have a dance. Honestly, this will change your mood instantly. We actually have a leaving the house song now, where we will blast uptown funk on my phone and dance our way into the car. It puts us all in a cheery mood which makes for a lovely day.