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Time fly's when you are pregnant

Thursday, 24 March 2016  |  Admin

Long time no see...

Gosh, it feels like forever since I last posted here at Mummy and Little Me. The last time I posted, I think I was around 11 weeks pregnant and we were preparing to tell our parents that they are going to be grandmas and grandpas.

Well, that went well. They we quite surprised to say the least as we managed to conceive quite quickly after getting married. However, within a minute the conversation had turned to television aerials. Yep. Vital topic of conversation I think you’ll agree! They are all pleased really, I just think they didn’t know what to say beyond ‘congratulations’ at first and hubby’s dad was particularly concerned about his aerial!

Anyway, since then I’ve had my first scan, then my second, and in fact we had another one last week at 28 weeks. I know! It’s been that long! I am actually 29 weeks pregnant now. Time really does fly, while conversely going really, really slowly as I feel like I’ve been pregnant for forever!

We asked to find out the gender of our baby at our 20 week scan. The sonographer tentatively told us that we are having a baby girl, although this was by no means conclusive as the baby seems to like curling up in awkward positions making medical professional’s lives difficult! (Not to mention mine, we were sent away to take a long walk and have a cold, sugary drink in the hope that she would move into a more sensible position – nope, it wasn’t happening!)

Anyway, we have spent the weeks since the scan adjusting to having a little girl (as the whole family, including us, were convinced it would be a boy – father in law still thinks it will be!) and I think we’ve used to the idea now. Well, besides the father in law…