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This is love only a parent can understand

Monday, 16 October 2017  |  Admin

A letter to my eldest child on the birth of his brother.



To my darling boy,

For three years you have been the centre of our world.

I gave birth to you, held you and watched you grow.

You had to go through more than most, but you came through it stronger than ever.

We didn’t know if we would try again.

We couldn’t watch another baby going through what you did.

What if it happened again?

What if you didn’t like your new brother or sister?

You were always enough, more than enough in fact it was because of you we wanted another baby.

We longed to watch you grow with your sibling.

To be best friends, and watch out for each other.

We never wanted you to feel left out.

To feel as though you were not special anymore.

We have so much love for you, and we wanted to share it with another baby.

We didn’t choose to have another baby to replace you, or because you were not what we wanted.

You will always be my first born, my eldest child and you are so special.

We will always have a bond, and I will forever be grateful for how far we have come.

For what you have taught me.

To you my eldest, I love you.


Mum x

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