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Third Heart Day, a tear jerker

Monday, 23 April 2018  |  Admin

Dear Elijah,



Today is your third heart day.

It has been three years exactly since we all went down to London and handed you over to the surgeons to mend your heart.

Three years since I signed the consent forms for them to operate on you.

My heart broke into pieces that day with the fear I would lose you.

I still have not got over the love and pride I felt for you that day.

Surprising even the Doctors and coming home in just five days.

You are now older, and more aware that you are a little bit different to your friends.

We do need to go to the hospital, we need to be more aware around certain bugs.

Yes, Mummy does worry about you more than most.

I am sorry I make you wear so many layers in Winter and only let you play in the snow for a little while.

I am sorry that around these time of year, I look at you weirdly, and hug you that little bit tighter.

I sneak into your bedroom and sleep next to you hearing your little snores.

Things may not be this way forever, but I will fight for you to have a normal life.

To achieve your dream of becoming a firefighter.

I have never known anyone like you before, your bravery, your kindness your ability to make everyone in the room laugh.

Everyone loves you, you are the centre of any room and you literally light it up where ever you are.

Three years, and you still amaze me every single day.

You are clever, funny, kind, and I am so proud of you and what you have achieved.

You never once have faulted in going where you want to, doing what you want.

I couldn’t think of a better big brother to Harlow than you.

He clearly adores you and wants to be just like you.

Today, we celebrate, you.

Your strength.

Your journey.

The fact you are frankly an inspiration to me.

We’ve got a long way to go but for now;

Happy Heart Day my little one.

Love Mum x