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Things you swear you won't do

Monday, 13 March 2017  |  Admin

The Things I Swore I'd Never Do


Before we are parents it's so easy to think, blissfully unaware of what will lay ahead, of what kind of parents we will be. We all have the best intentions, we're going to be fantastic role models and it's just going to be a breeze. And queue laughter. How naive we were as expecting parents. Having children is so hard, it only took about 24 hours for me to instantly change my mind regarding a lot of my preconceptions. Even now, almost four years down the line, I find myself doing things I swore I would never do. So today, I am fessing up.


  • Watching television - not my children, heck no! Peppa pig at 2? You must be joking, more like Peppa Pig as soon as his eyes could focus on the TV. Don't get me wrong the television is definitely not on 24/7, but when I have to get the washing out of the dryer and it will keep my toddler from pestering me for five minutes, of course an episode (or four) is going on.
  • Beige food - 'All my meals will be homemade, nutritious and we'll sit together as a family and eat' Oh Emily, you complete fool. Obviously that was a thought whilst on the all encompassing maternity leave wasn't it? Because fast forward to 18 months later, back at work full time with a toddler on my hands then in went the chicken dippers to the oven. Does he eat them every week? No of course not. But are they an absolute life saver when we just don't have enough time or energy? Yes.
  • Self soothing - I never even imagined that a child might not sleep by themselves. I mean we as adults climb into bed and drop off, so why can't they? I was adamant I wouldn't be a parent that spent hours soothing their child to sleep, no my son would go down like a dream and we'd all sleep happily ever after. Wrong. I ended up on the opposite side of the fence when the only way to settle my 8 month old first born, was to bounce on a birthing ball for almost an hour every night. Thankfully he grew out of it around 10 months, but my goodness did my arms ache.
It's safe to say with my second son I wasn't quite as oblivious to how hard parenting can be and how quickly you can suddenly turn on your beliefs. With sleep deprivation, a screaming baby, teething and a household to juggle, who can blame you from time to time?