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Things you need to know about life with a toddler

Friday, 20 May 2016  |  Admin

Life with a toddler is hectic. From the minute Jack wakes up to the minute he lies down to sleep at night, we are busy. Life has changed since Jack left the baby phase and entered the toddler world. I don't really remember life pre-Jack. All I know is that it was very different. Here are the five ways life is different when you have a toddler.

1) My day often starts at 5am

I mean what kind of time is this! This is a time that I don't really enjoy being awake. I don't care if the birds are chirping and you can see the sunrise. I'd prefer to be in bed! It seems that no matter how much/little sleep Jack has had, this is his default wake up time. What I'd give for a lie in! In the winter he sometimes gets up later but in the summer as soon as there is any sunlight- he is up!

2) We are outside all of the time

Jack loves being outdoors. Whether it's a trip to the local park or a long walk, Jack loves exploring outside. This means that this is where we spend most of our time. He often asks to go 'out now' as soon as he wakes up. I quite like being outdoors and find rainy days quite difficult. The day goes so slowly when your inside all day! I try to get outside every day and plan small days out weekly. These can be inexpensive. Jack's favourite thing to do is feed the ducks at the park. He then follows this up with wanting an ice-cream. Good excuse for me to have one too!

3) I (hardly) ever drink a hot drink

I love a good cup of tea but don't seem to be able to drink one when Jack is awake. Actually I don't seem to be able to drink a warm one when he is awake. He must have some sort of tea radar! As soon as I have my drink in hand, something happens where he needs my full explosion. It's usually something that really can't wait such as he needs me to eat my pretend dinner.

4) Once they can talk, they don't stop

Jack's talking has really developed in recent months. Now he realises he can tell you exactly what he wants, he does. From morning to night there is chatter. His favourite word is why! Why do they know that word at 2?

5) They love you unconditionally