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The Ultimate Guide to Buying your Diaper bag

Thursday, 13 December 2018  |  Admin


Where to buy your Diaper Bag from?

If you are looking for a Diaper  and you want something rather special then who better than the experts in the UK.bag  Let us introduce ourselves, our name is Mummy & Little Me and we were born in 2007, we have put together a collection of great things all new Mothers want and need and we specialise in the Diaper bag market.  We stock over 250 stunning bags in all shapes, price point and colours  coming from some fabulous London British brands, as well as brands from Europe, Australia and America.

Over the last 12 years we have hand  picked the best of the best to save you scouring the world for that special baby bag.  If you don't live in the UK then that is no problem we use DHL who offer a 3 day service (even to Australia).

Here is the ultimate guide on what you need to pack, plus which bag suits your needs. Plus we have popped a discount code in at the bottom for you! 

Buy British Diaper bag

What to pack in a Diaper Bag?

If you are about to be a new Mom (or Dad!) and you are not really sure what you should put in your diaper  bag then hopefully this rough guide will help you!  There are no hard and fast rules but basically it is there to support nappy changing, feeding and it is also your handbag...

So changing first

Nappies - Organic nappies with no bleach in is what we would recommend,  ok they do not look as pretty and they are more  expensive, but the good news is your little one will not get nappy rash from all those harsh chemicals they normally put in nappies. Aden + Anais do some chemical free ones which look cute as well 

Nappy bags - if you are out and about and have no access to a bin then you will need these to pop the dirty nappies in, some of them have a nice fragrance as well and well worth an extra few cents.

Cream - Sudocream  is great all rounder, or our  Nappy Spray from Harry and Rose is fantastic it  is also organic and will not harm your baby and it smells lovely. Have a look..

Wipes - Again, Organic if you can afford it - will stop that awful Nappy  (Diaper) rash, better on babies bottom and your hands,  they will dry out from all the washing, organic wipes will be less harsh.

Spare clothes - Pop some sleepsuits in your bag, they are small and roll into nothing and are great all season clothes for tiny ones.

Musys - handy for mopping up spills - also can be used as bibs, have a look

Swaddle - handy for lots of things but  dirty public toilets is not somewhere you would want to lay your baby down so use as a thin blanket to change them on. Uou can also  put over your pram when you want them to go to sleep, cover yourself if you are breastfeeding, We have more swaddles on our site than you can shake a wobbly stick at! Have a look ....

So that is everything you need for changing ... now feeding

Breastfeeders - 

Mamascarfs are great they keep you covered during the feed and help support the baby, have a look

Breastpads - ok again having used both organic and non during feeding we are big believers that anything without chemicals will not make your breasts sore, have a look 

Spare Nursing Bra - You may  not need this but some women do leak quite badly so until you know whether you are a leaker it's maybe best to pop one in.. have a look 

Bottles - Even if you are breastfeeding there may be times when you want to give your baby some water, for non breastfeeders you may well keep a couple of bottles in your bag,

Powder/ Milk - A great tip, don't make up your milk before you need it - just pop the powder in a container then tip it in as you need it. That way you can keep them longer than the 2 hours quoted by the NHS.

Nipple cream - Sorry we currently don't have any nipple cream but there are lots of good ones out there, ones with Lanolin are great.

Also don't forget  this is your handbag girls- so your keys, purse, mobile etc - as they get bigger a book or toys ...


What is the best type of Diaper bag

Why Leather?

Well here at Mummy and little me we have a pretty big choice of bags, we have some amazing British Diaper bag brands that we know are really popular all over the world. Our leather bags in particular, we sell more leather diaper  bags than anything, they make a great investment and we often have customers from the US recently who say the exchange rate is great so it works out cheaper buying them us and getting them shipped. We have lots of great brands that do leathers but the 3 main ones are 

JEM + BEA, PacaPod and Storksak - check them all out. 

More reasons to buy Leather .... 

Leather Diaper bag


Backpack Diaper bag?

Depending on your lifestyle you may want fancy different types of bags, for instance dog walkers may find it easier to have a backpack diaper bag. This style is super popular here in the UK at the moment but they are not for everyone - here are some helpful tips which may help you decide if you need a backpack .

  • Why do I want a backpack diaper bag? 

If the answer is clear and valid, like I want to be hands free as I have a toddler or I walk the dog then yes a backpack is maybe for you. However if the answer is still a little woolly and you can't quite remember what reason made you decide you want a backpack then read on! 

A backpack is handy there is no doubt if you need to be hands free, however if you don't  need to be and this  is your first child then imagine this scenario. You are out with your pram walking along and suddenly your baby is sick - is it easier to stop and take your backpack off then find your wipes and muslin cloth? Or is it easier to pop your hand into your changing bag backpack which is hanging neatly from it's stroller clips right in front of you?   Yes of course the latter.

  • How quickly can I find things in my backpack?

Well unless you have a PacaPod which is neatly packed, or a new Storksak Hero which has a shelf in it, then the chances are you probably will spend time looking for whatever you need at the bottom of your bag - is that fair? Add a screaming baby into the mix and suddenly your stress levels are pretty high.

  • Can I hang my backpack to the stroller? 

Yes you can with most of the brands we sell - however it will hang from the top, picture your backpack hanging from the top then picture a normal messenger style bag. Your backpack will hang low, it may even get in the way of your legs as you walk along - could be annoying, always test your new bag on your stroller before you commit. Lets face it even if you do have a toddler or a dog and you do need to be hands free, then there will always be times that you want to hang it on the pushchair and not carry that weight any longer. 

So we hope this advice was good!   And remember if you have any questions big or small then just ask the ' The baby diaper experts' as that is what we do and what we love! 

If you are hoping to buy a bag from us then lastly here is a treat - a discount code for you. 

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