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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Baby bag

Thursday, 1 November 2018  |  Admin

Mummy and Little Me have been passionate about Changing bags since 2006. As the Baby Changing Experts we know how important it is to keep you up to date.  Therefore we have put together points that our bloggers, Mum's and experts have given us over the years on 'How to buy a baby changing bag

Firstly, you have just found out you are expecting, you have never heard of all our brands and you can see that the prices vary from £50 - £350 - where do you start? 

Leather Changing Bags

How much should I spend on my bag?

Most of you will know roughly want you want to spend, whether it is below the £100 or above you will have some idea of what you are comfortable with. However when working this out please bear these important points that  Rachel one of our bloggers gave us recently and this is so true:-

'Yes, changing bags can be expensive, but for the amount of use they get, I think they're worth every penny. As nice as they are, I put all my handbags on hold with babies - in fact I've hardly used one in over five years since Harry was born - so I believe in investing in a stylish, quality changing bag.'

Rachel is saying what we have heard again and again, think carefully about your budget, so so many times our customers come back to us and say for instance :-

' I wish I had just bought the JEM+BEA Jemima to start with as I love it, I looked at my changing bag every day and wished I had made that investment - now I'm going too

Yes OK great for us when our customers come back to us a second time for a second bag, it happens a huge amount - but not great for you if you are not completely happy with your purchase - SO first point is think HARD about your budget and make sure you LOVE the baby changing bag you are buying this is very important. 

This may happen if you don't ( review from last year) 

Sarah G Nottingham

'Thanks so much for my stunning bag, I am on baby number 3 and this is the second bag I have bought, the silly thing is I wanted this backpack changing bag when Jack was born but did not feel I could justify the money, as it turns out I was wrong! Next time I need advice I shall call you again to help me with my decision making - thanks so much for all Lorraine's help! '

What size will I need?

Large changing bags

There are a few things that may influence this decision 

  • How many children do I have?
  • Do I carry a big handbag?
  • Am I breastfeeding?
  • Am I using real nappies
  • Do I need the kitchen sink?
  • What will go in my changing bag? ( please see link at the bottom compiled by bloggers over the years)

Ok, so the first question you can answer pretty easily, if you are expecting twins then you will need a large changing bag (we have a section on the website to make it easy for you).  Do I carry a big handbag? You may wonder how this is relevant but it really is, we tend to nearly always find that woman that carry big handbags, then carry big changing bags and same goes with small...  Am I breastfeeding?  The reason we ask this is there is less to carry around in terms of bottles and milk powder etc . Am I using real nappies?  Again the real ones take up far more space so a large changing bag will be needed for all the inserts etc. Do I need the kitchen sink? If you are a cautious person who always like to have everything with you ( just in case) then yes go for something large please! 

Jane who recently bought a Greenwich Rose backpack changing bag left this review on the website, take note of everything Jane lists that she has in her bag .... this is a personal thing. ( Jane is a kitchen sink customer :)

'I have two toddlers and thought I was out of the changing bag phase now but with all the changes of clothes/snacks/first aid kits/wellies I’ve come to the sad realisation that I’m not, and won’t be for a while! I wanted something a little less restrictive and something pretty and grown up. This fits the bill. It’s like a Mary poppins bag, it’s huge! However it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t look bulky. I love the gold zip details and the tassel you wouldn’t know it’s a changing bag and I think I’ll use it for years to come. Currently in mine I have a blanket, two changes of clothes for two children, calpol, nurofen, plasters, germolene etc, melobaby nappy changing bag, wet wipes, two pairs of wellies, two jackets, plus snacks and drinks. PLUS all of my mummy things - phone/keys/purse (a big one) diary, sunglasses and assortment of lipsticks and tampons! It’s not completely full however it’s heavy, and that’s my only con for this really will take everything bar the kitchen sink! 
I bought it from mummy and me and not only received some lovely free gifts but also a very lovely personalised service

What style of bag will I need? Everyone knows that backpack changing bags are in Vogue, however take note of this bloggers comments about this style before deciding for sure that this is what you want.

'Why do I want a backpack changing bag? ' Says Vicky one of our bloggers ' If the answer is clear and valid, like I want to be hands free as I have a toddler or I walk the dog then yes a backpack is maybe for you. However if the answer is still a little woolly and you can't quite remember what reason made you decide you want a backpack then read on! '

Vicky then goes onto point out that actually you cannot hang backpack changing bags on your pram as successfully as other shapes as they  get in the way, valid point well presented! However if you have a dog then a backpack is probably a must!

  • Do I need one I can hang on my buggy?
  • Will my other half be comfortable carrying it?
  • Do I need to be hands free
  • Do I want a changing bag that looks like a nappy bag or a handbag?

Emily one of our bloggers points out no longer do you need to put up with a bag you don't like but you can actually fall in love with it like you would your designer handbag she says :-

'Having two children has meant a lot of things had to change, we gave up the spare room, we gave up the boot space to house pram wheels and I gave up a lovely Zara handbag. I assumed that when I had children I'd have to resort to a naff bag to chuck everything inside, you know like that free one you get when you sign up to Boots Parenting Club. I was so relieved that I did my research and found that actually, changing bags can be beautiful'

Next Step... Check out all the review to pinpoint which is your bag - we have more reviews than anyone but if you can't find what you are looking for John Lewis also have great Independent reviews.


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