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The Trial and Tribulations of Growing a baby

Friday, 13 July 2018  |  Admin

Pregnancy changes – the good, the bad & the ugly!

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, little changes began, whether I liked it or not. I am a very laid back person, so the idea of change doesn’t phase me too much, however  whilst I was obviously aware that having a baby would inevitably  change life as I know it, the rest of my thoughts towards the pregnancy and idea of becoming a mother for the first time was very much ‘go with the flow’. I am now 39+ weeks pregnant, and reflecting on the last, almost 9 months, it’s amazed me at how much things have already changed, without me even 100% noticing (apart from the tiny human growing inside me, the bump is exceptionally noticeable, can’t get away from that one!)

  1. I’m actually growing a human inside me

Before pregnancy, I guess, as most 25 year olds are, I was quite selfish (again, possibly, without noticing) the world revolved around me. If I wanted to do something, I pretty much made it my aim to make it happen. But now all of a sudden, before the baby is even in born, here I am, thinking of others, even down to what you can and cannot eat during pregnancy. I like to think of myself as independent and hard working, so one of the biggest struggles for me has been asking for help – it’s as though one day, it suddenly dawned on me, that I am actually growing a baby, and I started to think about this before I decide to rearrange the furniture in the house alone, or drink my body weight in diet coke and tea (yes, I definitely did this before hand, but that’s another story). I have someone inside me, who relies solely on me to help him grow – amazing.

  1. Body changes

Aside from the obvious, the ever growing belly, there are so many body changes that I was completely unaware of, and wished someone had told me before hand. We’ll start with boobs – now I knew a ladies boobs would obviously change during pregnancy but I naively presumed this would be during late pregnancy once milk had began to come in. Oh no, by 9 weeks pregnantthere I was in Debenhams being measured by an extremely kind lady who informed me the bra I was wearing was in fact 2 cup sizes and 3 inches too small across my back, wonderful! I even told a little white lie, and told her I was over 12 weeks pregnant so she didn’t judge the huge boulders that had appeared on my chest!! Now, with the growing size of my chest, came some skin tags, which I certainly wasn’t prepared for, and when peering down at new ‘boob job’ sized boobs, got a little surprise! (thankfully GOOGLE, helped to settle my mind with these new additions!)

Cankles, these are something else, blooming throughout the summer months, and purchasing beautiful maternity dresses isn’t all that great when you realise you’ve got, what looks like, a gallon of extra fluid in your feet & ankles. All is good until you get to my knees, unfortunately, other than sitting with my feet in the air, it’s something you’ve just got to suck up and get along with.

  1. How can you worry for someone you don’t even know yet?

A friend of mine, who had also become a first time mother, once told me that you worry about your baby from the moment you become pregnant, and it only gets worse. At the time, I thought “ah that’s sweet” (obviously not knowing I’d be in her shoes, just a year later). But she is so right, from worrying about the weather when he’s born, to ensuring I have everything ready for his arrival. I can only imagine the worry he will bring with his arrival, along with the love and happiness. I’m exceptionally excited to care for someone so helpless and adorable. I can’t even begin to imagine the emotions this will bring.

  1. Stranger Danger!

This title may sound funny, but I’m serious. I’ve never been one for hugs, or greeting kisses, but the (unwanted) attention you receive from strangers is unreal – sometimes it’s nice to chat to new people about your experiences, but I’ve had one or two go a little too far with the whole personal space thing, or insist on sharing their horrific birthing stories with me, like that’s going to help (I’m all for positive birth stories, even when things don’t go to plan, and love reading other mum’s blogs and stories online, it’s almost become a habit! I genuinely had a complete stranger rub my belly all over in Costa just the other day – I was stunned to silence and just giggled!!! I mean, I know it’s an exciting time but people do tend to forget you are a person with feelings.


I guess what I am trying to say is these small changes happening all around me, throughout whole way along, right from day 1 have helped to shape my pregnancy experience and hopefully influence the kind of mother I am soon to become. I have definitely learned that change is good and to embrace it as and when it comes.

Chloe x