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The Nub Theory!

2 CommentsMonday, 13 May 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Mardy Monday !!! Or is it :)
Well after moaning and groaning about my swollen feet , bp is fine so we are putting it down to just being busy at work and on my feet all day !!! I have since purchased a nice foot scrub and have promised myself a good rest over the next few days !!!
I did I must admit consider , squeezing my feet into some nicer footwear for the party at the weekend , however , squashed and swollen pigs trotters pushed into sparkly heels was not the required look !!!
I am still struggling with my sore boobs , and have indeed taken to sleeping in either a soft bra or stus t shirt !!! My bravado bra is working wonders in the day ( remember to check them out ) !!!
I'm started washing the neutral clothes I've saved from Charlie , just so we can decide what we want to keep for the new baby , however myself and few close friends have been looking into the Nub theory .......... , I shall let you look into that yourselves , however with a selection of zak and Charlies 12 week scans and now the new babys scan, we have all come up with the same result , so now the question is ......... Shall we ask the sex at 20week scan , or is a surprise much nicer ???
Can me , yes impatient me wait till the bitter end to find out the result ??? Midwife next week for check up then maybe some more double buggy shopping to get some ideas ..........
Happy Monday mummies:)
Sarah :) xx




Basically the nub theory I have mentioned suggests that between 11-13 weeks all babies are said to have a nub between their legs ,

Depending on the angle of the nub is a suggested indication of the sex of the baby :)

If the nub is 30degrees pointing up its a boy then if the nub is under 30degrees then its a girl

There are lots of pictures of scans and examples online and maybe this is just a bit of fun ?? As I suppose its just a theory ??

So here's my scan so you can check the angle of the dangle ???

Sarah :)




Shakira Fernandez
Friday, 17 May 2013  |  14:32

I done that when i was pregnant, i guessed a girl, i was right! At the 12 week scan the sonographer just smiled, lol. I guessed my sisters boy one too!... I guess yours is a pink one!!... X

Sarah Booker
Monday, 20 May 2013  |  14:13

We think pink too ;)
I'm 16weeks now so not long now till I find out xx

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