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The Honest Guide to Your first six months with baby

Monday, 16 July 2018  |  Admin

The Honest Guide To… Your first six months with baby..

I’ve been so busy this last week but I’ve been looking forward to sitting down and spending time writing this piece. To summarise my year so far.

Lily is now six months old. Which feels crazy. She ‘should’ be just over four months, but as most of you may know, Lily was born at 34 weeks.

Looking back at our first few weeks as a family of four, it actually makes me quite emotional. I won’t say sad, because that’s not the right word. Difficult, maybe. So here’s a list of pointers to help prepare you for those first few months..

  • You need a good support network around you, this is so important. People you can be honest with. You WILL need help, no matter how independent you are – you can’t do everything on your own. (Even Beyonce has Jay-Z) Ask for help. I can assure you someone will lend a hand. Or an ear. Or a vodka.


  • You will come to learn that leaving the house is now a mammoth mission. Ensuring you have sufficient supplies of nappies, milk, spare clothes, dummies, muslin cloths, wipes.. The list is endless. Just don’t forget to take the most important thing – the baby. Because, you know, that would be bad. Really bad.


  • You will lose your hair. Not all of it obviously, but when you’re pregnant and experiencing that ‘Pregnancy Glow’ your hair is thick, luscious, shiny and now… I can pull handfuls of hair from my head when showering and my comb, is now just a weave of ginger curls. (that’s my hair colour btw.. my comb’s not just randomly ginger.) All normal though. Just make sure you book an hour with your hairdresser to treat yourself and restore your locks. You deserve it.


  • You become accustomed to poo. Well, you become accustomed to you own babies poo. Any other baby poo will make you gag, but for some reason, you will learn to ignore (most of the times) the ghastly mess in your babies nappy. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t ever LIKE poo. (and if you do, then maybe you should see someone about that, yeah?) Enough poo talk. For this blog.


  • See Point 4 but replace the word Poo – with vomit. My Lily is such a sick baby, you see her mouth just fill up then spill over with milk… I’ve been to the doctors and seen the health visitor with her and she’s fine – she’s growing, so I’m hoping once she’s on ‘proper’ food, this may stop. Or at least, reduce.


  • If by any luck, you can get to Asda or Sainsbury’s sans baby, this will be bliss. You’ll peruse the biscuit aisle, stroll down the frozen food aisle and skip joyfully down the alcohol aisle. Or in my case, the chocolate aisle.


  • Those injections will hurt you more than your baby. Truth. She’ll scream for about 0.6 second then go back to sleep. You, on the other hand, will rethink the moment that blasted needle delved into your little princess’s soft innocent skin. You’ll probably have nightmares about it too to be honest.


  • You’ll have so many, ‘firsts’. First smile, first laugh, first roll over, first night in her own room, first time in a pram. You’ll never forget these.


And the exciting thing is, there’ll be so many more ‘Firsts’ to come in the future. How lucky are we?!