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The honest guide to what you need in your hospital bag

Tuesday, 12 June 2018  |  Admin

An honest guide to what you need in your Hospital Bag.
First time round I had no idea what to put in, I looked to family and friends, looked online, magazines, anywhere I could to make sure I didn’t forget anything. I was overwhelmed with the advice and suggestions. I packed at about week 30, early but best to be prepared!
Second time round, I knew what I needed, what would genuinely help and what was more of a gimmick so I’ve compiled a list of the ‘goodies’ I think will help you! (Goodies.. when I was a kid this meant popcorn, sherbet spaceships and poppin’ candy but now it means big black knickers three sizes too big. Flipping my heck. How times change!)
First up - The Bag. I looked high and low for all sorts of bags but in the end, you just need a big bag with pockets I’d suggest the Pacapod Croyde, £120.00 - take a look on our site!
3 x Pjs/nightie - hopefully you’ll be in and out of hospital, however, things don’t always go to plan so prepare for the worst. Take at least three and make sure at least ONE is a nightie - incase you end up with a catheter. (Ill let you google that!)
A dressing gown or hoodie - if may be cold, you never know, you may end up walking down the ward, so pack one.
5 x pack of HUUUUGE black ‘full brief’ knickers - Mine were from Sainsbury’s, about £4. They might give you some disposable ones in hospital but they’re tiny, I could hardly get them up over my knees let alone my deflated tummy. Knickers this cheap can be binned if, ahem, soiled. (It happens. There’s no shame!)
Slippers - slip on’s are best, you may not be very mobile so slipping these on are much easier than those ‘ugg’ type slippers.
2 x Pack of maternity pads - get the biggest pack you can find. Yes, you’ll feel like you’ve got a nappy on, but seriously, the bigger the better. Don’t bother with any that look like the standard sanitary brands - just go for the big’uns. You can thank me later.
2 x Maternity bras - you need something to hold those boomamas in place!
1 x Pack of breast pads - your nips will leak. Even if you’re not breastfeeding. These will keep you feeling fresh & your bra clean.
A Going Home Outfit - mine was a pair of tapered joggers & feeding top. Nothing fancy, just something comfortable.
A Toiletry bag (I used a clear one which made finding items quick and easy!) with toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wipes, lip balm, gaviscon, hand cream, deodorant, shower gel, bath foam, shampoo & comb - these are self explanatory, but I’ve said before, that first shower or bath after you’ve had your baby is glorious. Baths are also relaxing when in early labour so bring some travel size bath foam!
6 pack of Lucazade/Redbull to keep you and your birthing partners energy up
Hairibo sweets - as above!
Mobile Charger - You’ll need this to keep in touch with loved ones and share that first snap of your bundle of joy.
Lots of change for car park - we must have spent about £80 during our 11 day stay. Keep a little coin purse in one of the pockets of your bag, filled with £1 and £2 coins.
Ear plugs - For pre-natal - as mentioned above, hopefully you won’t be at hospital for long, but if you have to stay in a night or two prior to having your baby, these are a godsend!
Bounty notes - yes the hospital will have your records, but heaven forbid you don’t make it to the hospital in time, these notes will keep you reassured.
I hope this has proven helpful, now go pack your bag and get it ready by your front door!