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The Honest Guide to Weaning Part1

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The Honest Guide To Weaning.. Part 1!

Ah.. Weaning.. I’d forgotten just how messy this was. Max, our eldest has just turned 8 so when we realised Lily was ready, the task seemed daunting.  As we’ve just started this process, this is Part 1 of the ‘adventure’. I’m sure there will be enough material, to write a trilogy!

Lily is six months old and has only very recently become interested in food. We’re in the very early weaning stages – about five days in!

I first noticed her interest when we went to a burger bar and she was looking at me, begrudging me every mouthful. Her warm bottle of milk hardly seemed enticing. 

Other signs were that she’d also taken to chewing on everything (thank heavens for dribble bibs!) and the 5am wake up calls. Which implied she was getting hungry earlier, hence needed more food to keep her satisfied.

‘Guidelines’ suggest a baby should start to be weaned onto food at six months and that until then, they should be exclusively breastfed – well, we all know my thoughts on that – see The Honest Guide to Breastfeeding!

But what do you do first? Where do you start? I asked friends for help and advice. It seems babyled weaning is much more popular now than it was the first time round. You give your baby big finger foods and let them feed themselves. Most people I have spoken to, have mixed this type of weaning along with the standard spoon feeding purees. I have to say so far, I tend to agree with this method.

Carrot batons are proving good for Lily, but obviously, she’s not really ‘eating’ them, just sucking the life out of them. Similarly, she’s taken to baguettes! (Her daddy is French so I’m blaming him!)

In an ideal world, I would puree everything for Lily, I’d have a fancy blender and make sure everything I offer is homemade – but I’ll be honest – I’m lazy. I am.

I’m no Annabel Karmel and whilst I can whip up some nice mash potato with a bit of pureed veg, I do favour the pouches bought from the supermarkets. I do. Don’t judge! I have a busy 8 year old son who needs attention and feeding too – these pouches are handy.

And with these new exotic flavours, comes new challenges – Lily’s poo can’t decide what it is – it is a liquid, is it a solid, is it green, is it yellow? These bowel movements are.. interesting. More regular though, which is obviously a joy.

Oh and I bet you thought ‘morning breath’ was bad. No, baby breath after having eaten a jar of Heinz’ Cheesy tomato pasta is THE WORST. I carried Lily up to bed last night and she burped in my face. I swear, I nearly passed out from the smell. She thought it was hilarious. I did not.

For now, Lily seems to be enjoying her food, which is the main thing. She doesn’t know when to stop though, and this is something I’m finding confusing too – she would gladly eat a full jar followed by her milk, but ‘guidelines’ suggest at first a taste is just enough. Well, according to Lily, a taste is not enough, she would rather bathe in it, thank you very much.  

So who do you listen to? Experts or your baby? Another thing I’m currently struggling with – but for now, I’m listening to Lily…













Emily Walker
Friday, 20 July 2018  |  22:05

A always your blogs are brilliant. So true to life xxx

Sally Brooke
Friday, 20 July 2018  |  23:22

Absolutely spot on. This honestly is real!! Totally real!

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