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The Honest Guide to throwing a kids Birthday party

1 CommentWednesday, 29 August 2018  |  Admin

The Honest Guide to.. Throwing a kids Birthday Party

We made the mistake very early on with our first born of always throwing him a Birthday party - I’m not talking anything particular extravagant, but we’ve always tried to make it special. As you do.

And with that, now comes expectations for our son. Expectations that each year, his birthday party will top the last one. But I’ll be honest - each one has nearly ‘topped’ me over the edge.

It’s only natural you want to throw The Best Party Ever for your little one. But, as I’m sure you’re only too aware, finances get in the way. A simple lottery win would resolve this.

Oh and whilst I’m talking Lottery; those people who say winning the lottery ruined their life, who are they kidding? Give me £8,000,000 and I’ll show you how happy you can be! Heck, just give me a grand!

I’ve been attempting to throw The Best Birthday Party Ever since Max turned 1.

Each year I say we’ll just have some friends round for tea and play pass the parcel, but each year I find myself typing, ‘Exciting cheap party venues’ at 3am into Google.

There’s definitely a market out there for children’s parties. My research has shown me, you can literally book or hire anything – naturally, at a cost. Anything from an hour in a Recording studio to a real life fire engine. You’d really be flying high with the ‘insta-mums’ with these ideas.

A couple of years ago, I ‘pitched’ the idea of a fire engine party to Max. I was more excited than he was. Honestly, it sounded amazing and it was ‘only’ £295. Plus food that I would need to prepare – that’s another £50 or so. Bargain. Not.

There was always the idea of a play gym. There’s a lot to be said for this type of party. One set price per person, food included, no tidy up for mummy. The parents can sit back with a coffee (and we all know how much I like my coffee) whilst the kids sweat it out in the ball pit.  My only frustration with this, is there will ALWAYS be that one parent who doesn’t let you know if their child is coming, no matter how many times you hound them for an answer and there will ALWAYS be at least one child who just doesn’t turn up. Disappointing for the birthday boy, but annoying for the mummy and daddy who’ve paid £11.95 per head.

Max’s 8th Birthday was last month. We finally decided on him having 13 friends over to watch the new Black Panther film with popcorn & pizzas. Cheap and cheerful. Job done. Or so I thought.

The excitement of having all his important little people together in one room was too much and soon it was all Star Wars light sabre-ing outside. I wasn’t prepared for this.

There was no bouncy castle to keep them entertained, there weren’t enough light sabres for each child which inevitably ended up in tears. There was falling out. There were tears. And only a few of those tears were mine.

One year, after about 364 sleepless nights (yes, I like to plan in advance), I asked Max honestly what he would like for a party and he actually looked afraid to say, he knew I’d spent so much time trying to find somewhere ‘cool’ for him and his friends.

It turned out he just wanted his friends over, party food and games. Simple. Why was I making it so hard? Probably because I care too much, as mummy’s that’s our job isn’t it?

But you know what, Kids are simple. They just want to have fun with their friends.

So next year I’ve vowed to keep it simple. But I know deep down, I’ll be back on Google at 3am. Do you think you can get a fire breathing clown who has his own Party Bus and comes with food and party bags for less than £5 per person? Probably not, but I tell you what, if there is one, I will find it!




Emily Walker
Thursday, 30 August 2018  |  18:52

Hahaha I'll do it for 5 per head, but you need to have 300 children in attendance. Great read again