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The Honest guide to the judgemental mummy

1 CommentWednesday, 1 August 2018  |  Admin

The Honest Guide To the judgemental mummy..

We’ve all been there. At the end of the receiving line of a patronising eye roll, maybe a quiet sigh, a raised eyebrow or an, “oh but…”

Mrs Ohbut is most likely to say one of the following;

  • Oh but this is better..
  • Oh but that doesn’t work…
  • I’ve tried that already…
  • You can’t do that…
  • You should do this…
  • You shouldn’t do that…


Thanks Mrs Ohbut – We get it.

As a new mum or even a well ‘experienced’  mum, you will find yourself being subject to these ‘insights’ at some point.

Mrs Ohbut doesn’t even know she’s doing it. She doesn’t realise that when you were explaining to her how you put your baby down to sleep last night,  that it was actually your 1,238th attempt, and it worked for you, so thank you but no thank you.

Similarly, when you finally get time for a coffee and a catch up on the latest Love Island gossip, you’re not actually that interested in the newest eco-friendly cloth nappies. You just want your brew.

Mrs Ohbut just wants to get her point across, sometimes to the detriment of actually being helpful. She won’t really listen to you and she’ll question anything you say or do. Because she’s been there, she’s done that and she’s bought the bra, (and she can tell you where to get fitted too). She’s got all these words of wisdom to help you ‘get through’ Motherhood.

But how do you make your swift exit when Mrs Ohbut is approaching. You can feel yourself getting ready to defend your parenting choices and to be honest, you really cant be bothered.

There is only so much smiling and nodding you can do before wanting to throw Mrs Ohbut and her flipping cloth nappies off the nearest cliff.

I assure you, she’s not trying to upset or offend you. I know that’s not the impression she is leaving, but honestly, she’s not trying to cause you upset or anxiety. I bet if she knew how you felt, she’d be mortified. Her persistent need to talk about all things mummy may actually be her own cry for help, you never know. So ask her about her baby, try get her talking about herself.

If pretending to take a phone call every time she’s near to prevent these conversations start to feel abit,well, harsh, maybe try being honest with her. Tell her how you feel.

But please, always remember, you’re fine, you’re doing your best. Carry on. As you were.  Winging it, as most, if not all mums, are doing!



Jemma Kinsella
Tuesday, 28 August 2018  |  17:53

Im so glad I read this! This feels like reading what im going through! Thanku so much! Im not alone!