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The Honest Guide to Me Time

Friday, 26 October 2018  |  Admin

The Honest Guide To… Me time.


I must say, I do think ‘me time’ can sound very self indulgent. As in, Who do I think I am to need some alone time. Why do I need alone time? I’m not that busy. My diary isn’t bursting with appointments.

 Am I not happy being with my family? Colleagues? Friends? Well, I absolutely am. I love being around people. (Most people, apart from Judgmental Jane and Moaning Mary – we all know them!)

But. Doesn’t everyone need a little time away. Whether it be a coffee, a day out, a trip to the loo.. the latter is what most of us parents would settle for.

So, I write this blog from an independent coffee house in Halifax, a few miles away from my home. I dressed and fed the children this morning, cuddled them and sent them on their way to the childminder… Does that make me selfish?

I know our children are a blessing, all children are. And I love being with them. As I am sure you do with yours. But 24/7 is hard. I’m not claiming I hard a ‘hard life’ but if you’re a mum, you will know what I mean. Parenting is hard. It’s the most rewarding thing in the world, but its hard. It pushes you. It tests you.

I’ve been back at work over a month now. Luckily, my employer agreed to my flexible working request and I now work part time. I can get a coffee from works cafeteria without making sure there are high chairs and changing facilities. I get to finish every day in time to pick the children up at 3pm. I get every afternoon, evening, weekend with the children. We spend what holiday we can, as a family, making memories.

Here comes the BUT. Time away is good. And don’t ever feel guilty for needing it. You’re human. Take the time. Appreciate the time. Enjoy the time.

Then, enjoy the huge cuddle you get when you go home to your babies