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The Honest Guide to Going Back to Work

2 CommentsThursday, 13 September 2018  |  Admin

The Honest Guide To….Going Back To Work


I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again. She says. Still doesn’t make it much easier. If I hear, “But you’ll be fine,” one more time.. People are only trying to help. I KNOW I’ll be fine, Lily will be fine, we’ll ALL be fine. 

I’m going back to work. After 8 months off. Lily turns 8 months old this week.

I’m lucky enough to have been off work as long as Lily’s been alive due to her premature arrival into the world – Had I gone overdue it could have been less, but still – Its never enough time off, is it? I’m sure most mums would always like more time off with their babies. Having said this, the 6 week Summer Holidays with both baby and an 8 year old seemed to draaaaaaaaaaaaaag on some days.

Don’t get me wrong – there are definitely things I’m looking forward to about going back into the corporate world; so I’ve made a list of these – I may need reminding of the below come Monday morning at 8am.

  • The morning drive into work, short and sweet, only about 20minutes, but at 7:30am the road is quiet, my radio goes on, and it’s a relatively relaxing start to the day. (Hubby will be in charge of taking Lily and Max to the childminder).
  • I’m looking forward to sitting at my desk, It’ll be a new desk and no doubt I’ll be sat with some new colleagues who will have to get used to my coffee addiction and (sometimes) foul language - I tend to be a barrel of laughs at work. It gets me through the day!
  • I’m looking forward to my 30 minute lunch break – having a wander down to the cafeteria, choosing a ‘light lunch’, I say ‘light lunch,’ because once I’m back at a work, in a routine, I’ll be going back to Slimming World. Gotta get trim for Christmas and all that Jazz.
  • Toilet breaks. Being able to go to the loo without checking on everyone first – without making sure everyone’s safe and anything chewable is out of reach. I’ll be able to literally stand up and walk to the toilet, without announcing it. I’ll probably still do it though out of habit.

Finally, I’ll just be me, Hannah Fouassier, again. A Colleague, an employee and most people probably won’t give two hoots that I’m a mummy - I’ll need to limit the amount of times I talk about the children throughout the day.. that’ll be a tough one.

After all, How can anyone NOT want to know the colour of Lily’s latest poo? A thick auburn-browny, just incase you were wondering..

Wish me Luck!






Thursday, 13 September 2018  |  13:41

I was going to write, you'll be fine. But I'm scared you may slap me next time you see me lol.

Great read.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018  |  19:13

Aww. Good luck. Cant wait to hear how it goes!😀💛🤗