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The Honest Guide to Christmas with children

Saturday, 1 December 2018  |  Admin


Christmas. It’s the same time every year. But every year, it creeps up on us. People everywhere saying, “ I cant believe it’s December already!” As if it were a surprise.

You would think with 12 months to prepare, we would be ready for it when it arrives. Some people buy in the January sales so the pressure is minimal come December. I can’t do that. I’d rather stress and worry throughout the Festive Period making sure my son has the latest Must Have toy. Only kidding. He wont have the latest must have. He can have last seasons must have – its about 75% cheaper. I’ll still have the stress though. I just want it to be perfect.

I know, I know, its not about the gifts. And its not, for us adults. For us, its watching our children’s face when they open their presents, or when the first enter the living room and see the array of gifts nestled under the tree. Its being with the family or friends you have in your life. That’s Christmas.

To the children though, they don’t really care that the wrapping paper matches the gift tags. To be honest, they wont be reading the name on the tag or the sentimental message mummy may have written, because once the gift is in their little chubby hands, its every man for themselves. They’re going to get that gift opened. And then sit patiently for the next (no chance).

This year we have two children, double the pressure. Well, having said that, Lily has no idea. She’ll be 11 months old at Christmas time, its just another day to her – full of cuddles, playing with her brother, except this day, there will lots of cardboard boxes strewn everywhere and wrapping paper to eat. (Disclaimer – she wont be eating the wrapping paper. I wrote that for effect. Obviously)

Christmas is just a special time. Pretty soon it’ll be January 2019, the shelves will be full of Easter Eggs. No Joke! (Our local Tesco had eggs Boxing Day one year!)

Whether you can spend £5 or £500 on your children, they will appreciate anything. They really will, children do at this time of year. Because its ‘Special’, there’s an aura in the atmosphere.

Its not an aura I would like all year – financially it would break me – but it’s the time of the year, when you hug your children a little tighter, tell your friends and family how much you love them, and just ‘be’.

PS -  don’t forget to unbutton those jeans after your Turkey on Christmas Day.