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The funny side of parenting

Thursday, 19 April 2018  |  Admin



The funny side of parenting


Who knew when having children that sometimes you would be out and about and wish the ground to swallow you whole?! And not just the slightly embarrassment of swearing in the wrong place, I’m on about the kind of kill me now, I have my knickers tucked in my skirt, can never come back embarrassment. Or when they do something to make you want to laugh but have to remain serious at the same time.


Out of the mouthes of babes is such an old fashioned phrase, however a bit like me after a couple of glasses of rose, many toddlers and children have no filter.


They will say whatever comes into their head at the most inappropriate times, and do the most annoying things whilst being as cute as a button.


My nephew; prime example; of other than my own 4; he has a funny but got to take him serious side.

My mum was looking after him, he’s nearly 4; and quiet. Uh oh.

Find him looking down the toilet, looking very unhappy, after flushing, thank goodness it was only my mums entire bottle of £30 body lotion he had poured down the pan; not anything serious; just to ‘see if it made bubbles’ ����‍♀️


Or the time he uses air freshener to clean the mirrors.


Our daughter prefers nanny’s mascara. My mother in law leaves darling daughter with grandad, he’s in charge... of watching the tele... oh I mean child... cue him looking for her twenty minutes later, with her looking in the mirror at nanny’s dressing table, her eyes and face

covered in Clinique mascara. That little madam had better eyelashes than mummy. Nanny was not too impressed and grandad had to buy a new £25 mascara �� whoops.


Whilst mine are more of the tell all type of children; ‘mummy you stink,’ just as you have blamed the baby for the smell escaping your rear in the middle of a crowded playground. It’s like they have a smell detector to tell me it’s my fault the area is hazardous. ��


Or my friends sweet and innocent 6 year old; over they pop; darling hubby has wrestling on the television; ‘mummy and daddy do that on a Saturday in bed’

Well our friends aren’t the type to laugh it off like us, they scarpered quicker than the parents in the playground after my daughters tell all. Nothing is a secret when you have kids; you can’t even pee in peace anymore; well unless you are hubby who takes an hour to have a wee!


What’s the funniest thing your angel has said or done ?!


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