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The Dandelion Clocks

Wednesday, 26 June 2019  |  Admin

A Dandelion Clock

Did you ever stand and blow Dandelion clocks as a child?

Did you stand and watch the seeds drift slowly away on the breeze, making wishes as they did so?

I did.

I wished for all kinds of unimaginable things. Created dreams of princesses, and fairytales and far off lands.

I certainly didn’t struggle from a lack of imagination!

Today the Lion discovered exactly those, and fascination ensued. He was not happy with one, one clock, one wish.

He is our rule breaker. The Bear our rule follower.

He had to blow each and every clock, and watch each and every strand fall to the ground. But he didn’t make a wish, not one single one.

The Lion, you see, he doesn’t need to whisper wishes in secret, he shouts them, bellows them from rooftops, confident that his subjects will do all they can to make them come true.

And I wondered for a second how that power would feel. To know that you had an army of people, who would all do their utmost to bring about your dreams.

And then I realised I already do.

You see, these days my wishes are less complex, and my dreams closer to home.

I wish simply for our happiness. All four of us.

No more and no less.

Just happiness - whatever that looks like for us.

Right now that is Paw Patrol, it is Mickey Mouse. It’s games of squash and Hotel Chocolat chocolate. It’s all four of us squished up watching a film in bed, it’s a trip to a Playground where everyone has fun. It’s a week without sick, a day without anxiety.

It’s a smile. It’s hope. It’s life.

And the truth is, if I have all that, I don’t need princesses and castles and far away lands.

I don’t need to focus on the dreams as can’t have, instead I want wishes that focus on the hear and now, on what we have, on what we enjoy.

On love. On life. On happiness.