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The Big Surprise

Friday, 9 June 2017  |  Admin

#12 eggo to preggo

This time round we chose to have the big surprise, that’s right we didn’t find out the sex much to the annoyance of all our family and friends! We have had a couple more scans than normal so from about 17 weeks we went into the room and declared we didn’t want to see anything that may give it away! This didn’t stop Greg trying to sneak a peek at our last scan though. When we had our 20-week scan with Elijah it was obvious that he was a boy, but to be honest with the baby being breech I had no idea what I was looking at anyway.

As this is likely our last pregnancy, as we plan to adopt later down the line, we agreed that we wouldn’t find out. We wanted the biggest surprise we could get, we would never get to have that again. I have said it before but this pregnancy is so different to Elijah. I knew very early on that he was a boy I had a deep gut feeling, this time round? Not a clue! Although, I am very excited to see if we are having a girl or boy I will admit it has been very hard for my controlling self not to know! We tend to learn towards gender neutral parenting with Elijah so I am not too bothered about recycling some of his old clothes even if we are having a girl. The shops do no tend to gear towards this and everything tends to be pink or blue. Who says boys cannot wear pink? So, we have just brought what we like this time round!

This led me to considering some of the old wives’ tales to see if they may give me an inkling if we are having a little lady or another little man.  Public opinion seems to currently be about 80% girl and 20% boy. Elijah is very excited to hopefully get a sister and when I said we couldn’t pick he sulked for some time as he wants a sister called Happy.

  1. How are you carrying? So, if you are carrying high it is supposed to be a girl, and if you are carrying low a boy. All at the front a boy, around the sides a girl. (I am just carrying what can only be described as a beach ball under my bra and I am 100% sure my butt is pregnant too so, in that case a girl?)
  2. Morning sickness- if you have been really suffering then girl, and if you haven’t really had any then a boy. (I had sickness until about 16 weeks and was twice as worse as with Elijah so girl?)
  3. Cravings- sweet things girl, savoury boy (I have been craving a lot of sweet things, crisps and strangely spinach and feta so both get a point here).
  4. Heartbeat- if it is under 140, boy, if it is over then a girl. (last midwife appointment it was 136 so boy?)
  5. Chinese birth chart – these are available online, they ask your age, the month you have conceived and will then predict the gender. (I got girl.)
  6. Skin- if you are breaking out in spots then apparently, it is a girl. (I always have spots, so GIRL GIRL GIRL).
  7. The ring test- the one your Mum or Nan will tell you about is to put your wedding ring on a string and hold it over your belly. If it swings in a circle boy, backwards and forwards it is a girl. (I did get a bit of both with this one, but mainly backwards and forwards so girl?)

On this basis then, 6 to girl and 2 to a boy, but we will have to wait another couple of months to find out as I am not 100% trusting the reliability of these!

Do you know of any more we could try?