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The Best changing bag when you have a toddler

Tuesday, 21 February 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

Since my daughter turned two I realised a shift in my changing bag needs, I no longer packed as much stuff and for short trips out we no longer take the pram. Up until now I have always relied on my pram carrying my changing bag as I always use stroller straps and have it hanging from the handle. This means that it didn't matter if it was heavy as the pram would take the weight. I also relied heavily on the pram basket to carry my shopping so now if I'm out without the pram and I have my toddler walking it's a completely different ball game than before. It's meant that I've had to re-think my changing bag game.

My answer is have options such as a small cross body bag for quick trips to the shops as it can hold my essentials and one or two nappies. I will carry the small amount of shopping in a carrier bag and my daughter will walk with her reins on. If we go out on the bus and are out for a longer period of time I now rely on a backpack. I really couldn't live without a backpack in my changing bag arsenal as it can carry everything for both of us and have room for shopping, it's also very comfortable to wear. Here is my pick of changing bags perfect for the mum of a toddler - toddler-bags Jem + Bea Farah £120 If you are a regular reader of the Mummy & Little Me blog then you will know that this is my latest purchase and I have reviewed it in full here. I use this bag nearly everyday at the moment as it holds just enough for short trips and as well as looking very stylish it's very comfortable to wear.

Kerikit April £95 I did think about buying this before I decided on the Farah. I've held Kerikit bags up close and I know just how buttery soft the leather is on them. I also love the croc embossing on the leather as I feel that it looks very stylish and this screams more handbag than baby bag. It has lots of pockets and for a real leather bag the price is really good.

Born In Britain Charlton £195 I love this bag as it isn't huge it's a nice medium size and again it looks like a handbag. My favourite thing about this bag is that it can be worn comfortably over your shoulder, I find that with most other bags the handles are too short and it feels really awkward to wear over your shoulder but not with this.

Pacapod Gladstone Backpack £150 I really like this new style from Pacapod as it's a bit more fashion forward than some of their older backpack designs, I like how it still works as a unisex option too. This is another great option that will work from baby to toddler years and beyond. As I said before I really can't manage without a backpack when I'm out and about with my toddler minus the pram as it leaves me hands free which is a must.

Storksak Alexa £120 This bag isn't released until the 23rd February which isn't very long away but it's my favourite design from the new Storksak Spring/Summer range. I especially like the colour range as it's available in taupe, indigo and black, I think my favourite is the taupe but it's a close call with the indigo. The style means that it can be carried comfortably over your shoulder leaving you hands free and I love how stylish it looks, it has that military vibe which is a timeless look. I also love how lightweight this bag is which is another must as you don't want to feel too weighed down and you want to find it comfortable to carry some all important shopping in. What bag do you use now that your baby is now a toddler? - Jodie x --

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