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The Best birth story ever

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The birth of Harlow

So, when I left you all heavily pregnant and fed up, I was worrying about what the birth of my second child had in store for me. I am not sure if you remember I wanted the all-natural hypnobirthing calm birth (well as close to it as being a high-risk delivery suite only birth), I would like to say that happened, but it couldn’t have been further from it.

Three days before my due date and still no sign this baby was making an appearance, we had spent the day doing housework and the weekly shop and I didn’t even have as much as a twinge. Elijah in bed, we settled down for fajitas and Die Hard 2.

It was about 9.30PM when I began to get a pain not to dissimilar to a period pain across my stomach and below. Then it eased, then another quite quickly followed. I thought I had an upset stomach, and I was proven right when I had to dash to the toilet. Back downstairs again, the pains were still coming, I was breathing through them but there were strengthening. We began to track them and they were coming roughly 2 minutes apart. I told Greg it couldn’t possibly be the real thing they would not be that regular or close that soon. I was dashing up and down to the toilet so put it down to that. We would give it half an hour and see what was happening.

I was then sick, and knew instantly this was it I was in labour as I was very sick when I had Elijah. Suddenly, on the next toilet trip I felt a strange bearing down intense pressure. Elijah had woken up and Greg was going to check on him, and I could hear he wasn’t settling so I tried to go in.  Except when I did the pressure came again, and I looked I had lost my plug. I called Greg and said I was bleeding he came rushing in to have my waters literally burst all over his feet. He went to call my Nan to come down and look after Elijah and call the delivery suite, it was around 10PM.

Greg ran me a bath and I got in and I knew I was pushing. I told him that I think I needed an ambulance as the baby was coming. I was on all fours in the bath as it was running and turned on my back. Greg came in on the phone to the delivery suite and they asked him to examine me. At the same time, I pushed the head out, (Greg at this point freaked out swore a lot and turned white), with the delivery suite guiding him, he lifted my bum up and on the next push… the baby was out. The bath wasn’t even half full, I had only been in labour for 50 minutes and there he was, born in the bath delivered by Greg! Harlow Nathan Adam Cockerill (we later found out he weighed 8lbs) was born at 10.27PM!

Greg was told to lift the baby out, and drain the bath. He unwrapped the cord from their arm, he cried! Placed on my chest and covered in towels, Greg ran to get the neighbour as I spoke to the delivery suite. She asked me what the sex was, and I realised I didn’t even know! Peeking under the towels, after 9 months of waiting, I had my second son! It seemed like no time at all that an immediate responder had arrived, and clamped the cord and checked us both over. Shortly after that an ambulance arrived to take us in. My Nan had arrived and in the time Greg had called her, she had gotten a taxi from across town, her second great grandchild had been born in the bath tub!

Once it was deemed we were both stable enough to be moved we were lifted out of the bath (cord attached) downstairs and into the ambulance. The cord was cut on arrival and after a bit of a struggle the placenta was delivered. It was deemed I had a tear that would require surgery so I was sent down, and out again in around 40 minutes. Later that day we were home! It was so surreal compared to the birth of Elijah. I still cannot believe after months of anxiety I had given birth in less than an hour and returned home on the same day. It some respects it really was the birth I was hoping for!

Unfortunately, for my Milton Keynes based birthing partner she didn’t stand a chance of getting there and we had to call her from the ward to explain what had happened! Greg has now regained his colour and 5 weeks in we are slowly adapting as a family of four after Harlow’s quick and dramatic arrival!






Wednesday, 9 August 2017  |  11:46

We have read some birth stories over the years Vicki but this is my favorite - you are quite remarkable!!