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The Ban of the Birthing Videos

Saturday, 14 April 2018  |  Admin

The ban of the birthing video.



Birth videos, you either love them or hate them.

First time around, I had to stop watching One Born Every Minute as it scared me to my core.

I was more in the mindset of being blissfully ignorant and that me and body would figure it when the time came.

My biggest fear was pooing in-front of my partner in labour and him never looking at me in the same way.

I remember packing the camera for afterwards but had no plans on him capturing the hours I spent on the toilet over a bed pan in case the baby came out, or on all fours throwing up on the floor.

We did the obligatory selfie when the baby came, and although blurry, and I am completely high as a kite that photo means more than anyone will know.

That picture was us as a ‘normal’ family before Elijah was taken away.

Before we became a NICU family.

Since joining Instagram in 2015 and seeing so many amazing birthing videos, photos and being able to finally watch One Born Minute again I wanted photos and a video of Harlow’s birth.

We had made the decision around half way through the pregnancy that this was my last.

The final time I gave birth and I wanted to capture it, I wanted to look back at me at my strongest and more vulnerable birthing my last child.

But, Harlow was not in the mood to hang around to be filmed and was born so quickly we didn’t get to hospital never mind get the camera!

We did take some intimate photos of those first hours with Harlow and I cherish them.

I love scrolling on Instagram and seeing amazingly strong women birthing their children no matter how, what or where.

Instagram, however have other ideas and have issued a ban on birthing videos.

The reason?

That as they feature female genitals that they are basically pornographic.

I cannot remember the time that a woman labouring and birthing a baby was the latest plot line to a dirty film.

This is the most natural thing that a woman can do, and if we boil it right now isn’t that we were designed to do?

So why the stigma? The shame of birth?

Banning the birthing videos on social media where they could normalise birth enforces the message that as a society we are still ashamed of birth.

We don’t talk about birth trauma, the amount of people getting a smear test is at a low and period poverty exists in the UK, one of the wealthiest countries.

So, how does one of the most influential platforms combat this?

Well, they ban birth videos of course making us as a society continue to shroud birth in a shameful cloak.