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The Baby Changing bag awards 2018

Friday, 13 July 2018  | 


The Baby Changing Bag Awards 2018

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the Baby Changing Bag awards  2018

1st  Storksak Noa Changing bag

2nd PacaPod Firenze Changing bag

Joint 3rd KeriKit Thea in Grey

                Jem + Bea Jemima Tan

With over 250 baby changing bags on our website ranging from £55 - £295, we are very excited that once again Storksak have come out on top. Storksak are renowned as the first baby changing brand that recognised that not all parents wanted a bag that shouted baby. They created a brand that the professionals love, they are happy to take to work and use as a handbag as well as a changing bag. The  elegant Elizabeth Changing bag was the winner in the first awards we did in 2014, we had 1000’s of votes for it, even though back then it was one of our most expensive bags. This leather changing bag has more reviews that any other bag on our website and has become a real classic and much loved bag.

This time the Noa has won, an inexpensive lightweight and very practical bag with a Food and Bottle bag included as well as the changing mat of course. We have noticed that the Noa is often bought in addition to our customers other changing bag as it makes a great holiday bag.

So we would like to give 3 big cheers to one of our favourite brands and say – Well done Storksak, you are a great brand and Mummy and Little Me love you for lots of reasons but would like to mention your after sale service, your commitment and support to us are all greatly appreciated you deserved this!


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