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The aden and anais Giraffe Blanket - great review

Wednesday, 9 November 2016  |  Admin

Aden & Anais Dream Blanket

I have to confess that if there is one item of baby paraphernalia that I am hooked on it’s blankets. My mummy friends know that if they ever need to borrow one when we’re out, I’ll have several with me. Whether they’re in my changing bag or in the bottom of the pram or covering the car seat, I’m more than a little obsessed.

I think it’s the cosiness factor, the idea of having something lovely and snuggly to wrap Number Two in, and of course the more you have with you, the more eventualities you’re prepared for. After all, Number Two like most babies doesn’t particularly like getting dressed and undressed, and blankets mean I can increase or decrease the number of layers without a subsequent tantrum.

When it comes to buying blankets, I admit to being lethal. I may even have used the old line “oh this old thing, no it’s not new, we’ve had it ages” more than once. With most women it’s used for shoes or designer handbags, but with me it’s definitely those baby blankets that I own way too many of.

My Aden & Anais dream blanket arrived two weeks ago. I’d been admiring it lovingly online for a while, but it took until my nursery furniture arrived for me to think of a reason to justify my obsession. The dream blanket you see is large enough to use on a cotbed, but far better than all the traditional cotbed quilts on the market, because this is a stunning piece that not only looks beautiful to look at, but that your baby can actually use right from being small.

What’s more is that it is unbelievably soft, washes beautifully and comes in so many designs that you can’t fail to find one that you love. I ordered the Jungle Jam Giraffe, because our nursery plan is a safari, but if I’m honest I’ve used it in so many more places than the nursery. It’s so large it’s fantastic for using on the living room floor when friends come round with babies so they can lie together and practice tummy time. The photos we’ve taken on it have come out beautifully, it’s the perfect backdrop; stylish yet confortable. In fact we use it so often, I may just need another one for the living room, otherwise the ‘Giraffe’ is never going to get as far as the nursery.

It is so lovely that even Number One loves the dream blanket’s softness – and she is one tricky customer – in fact she loves it so much, she’s decided she wants one of her own for her birthday. And if I’m honest I can’t really blame her, I’d quite like one myself, it would be fab for snuggling under on cold winter’s nights to watch the TV.

In short, if you’re thinking of buying one of these gorgeous blankets, you should stop thinking and just do it. The pictures don’t do them justice. The second you feel it, you will know you made the right choice and won’t be able to resist using it. In fact you’ll love it so much, you might even decide to keep it for yourself!