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Teething problems... here is some help!

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With children cutting twenty baby teeth in their first two and a half years of life, working out how to ease the distress of your teething baby is important.

When it comes to teething, all babies are different. Some children do not struggle with teething. Tooth after tooth will arrive with no warning and no sign of any discomfort or pain. For others their discomfort is very obvious.

Jack has really struggled with teething. He currently has sixteen teeth. Each one has been the result of days of upset and many sleepless nights. Aside from this, Jack usually exhibits a few signs of teething. These include flushed cheeks, extra dribble, hard and sore gums and the chewing of everything and anything.

Jack finds teething very distressing and invariably because of this so do I. I remember spending many evenings trying to find things that would help relieve his distress. I have tried many things, some of which have worked for Jack and some that have not. I had to try a lot of things to find those that did work.

I hope some of these tips help you to relieve teething pain.

Find A Teething Toy - There are so many teething tips on the market currently, you are bound to find something that your toddler loves to chew on. Jack loved Sophie the Giraffe. For the first 12 months of Jack's life, we wouldn't leave without that Giraffe. It had been bitten and chewed all over but really helped with Jack's first few teeth. Overnight, Jack got bored of Sophie and now at two, teething toys aren't useful for Jack. I would recommend giving them a go, you never know your baby/toddler may love them. I didn't know you could get teething toys that went in the fridge to make them cool. With future children I will definitely give those a try.

Try different types of different pain relief - Different things work for different babies and whilst Calpol is always on hand, I do like to try other remedies before giving him this. We find teething granules very useful in combating teething pain. After applying the granules to his gums, we find they work very quickly. We are still using these as Jack continues to cut his last few teeth. We also use Anbesol liquid with Jack as we find it completely eliminates any pain he did have. Teething Gel is also worth trying, this didn't really work for Jack as he hated having it applied to his gums. I know many people who swear by this though!

Distraction is key - I think one of the most important things that I use to help with teething is distraction. Getting outside, going to the park or even putting on some music and having a dance usually works to distract Jack from the pain. For me, distraction in the day is the easy part, nighttime is when it becomes tough!

I'm counting down the emergence of Jack's final four milk teeth. I cannot wait! If you are just starting the teething journey, don't worry! It's never as bad as you think.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016  |  15:24

Another great thing for Teething babies is the powder you can get from Boots, I think from memory it is natural and called Ashton and Parsons :)
Thanks Claire - great advice again