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Swollen Ankles when pregnant

Friday, 10 May 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Well that's another very very busy week over , and I suppose the start of a very very busy weekend , as im working both days and we've got a party to fit in on Saturday night too !! As yet I haven't decided on what to wear , as im still very much In between normal and maternity clothes and as im suffering with my feet it will have to be my flats again....ive been trying to keep my feet up and rested , but with no or little effect ? I've even taken to wearing maternity support pop socks to work ( uber glam ) not !!!! .
Charlie has upped his game and is charging all over the house and has cut two top teeth together so sleep is a somewhat hard task at our house !! I keep have a momentarily blip where i wonder how ill cope with a new baby and a very busy 15month old !!! Eeeeekkkkk.
Off to the dentist next week , only bonus it being free treatment while im carrying baby :) since i tremble at the thoughts of being on that chair !! .
We've also started the whole name debate ....... Everyone has their own opinion on every name we mention so some of the name list is becoming jaded, and as with both boys i want to have a name ready when the time.comes but we have got a little while yet . Has anyone else started to think about the 20week scan , ours is booked for June and we are still undecided if to ask the sex of the womb squatter ? I'm resisting the urge to say im sure im different this time all pregnancy are different !!!
Sarah and her sore feet !!!!
Any old wives tales welcome !!!!

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