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Suzie's awful pelvis pain!

2 CommentsThursday, 23 January 2014  |  Admin

This last week has been utter chaos. I’ve moved house a fair few times in my life and am fully aware of what it’s like, but nothing prepared me for the sheer exhaustion that moving house at very short notice, while pregnant, would be.

It is exciting though – it’s our own house and we’ve waited a long time for this – it’s just that the end of the process was so complicated and rushed, that suddenly on Wednesday we exchanged contracts, completed on Friday morning and started moving our stuff in Friday night. What with working away in Essex, that meant by Friday afternoon, no packing whatsoever had been done and we certainly had our work cut out!

So the weekend was spent in a flurry of vans and boxes and finding places for things we didn’t know we had, then collapsing in the evening. I felt particularly useless, not being able to lift anything. Still, I had some uses when it came to packing and unpacking the never-ending sea of boxes.

Unfortunately, for me, Monday had to be a day of cleaning the old house from top to bottom when M was at work. I don’t know if you’ve found the same when you’ve moved, but when we took all of our furniture and bits and bobs out, I was absolutely horrified by the dirt and grime we found underneath. I’m not particularly a clean freak, but I do clean, and I do have standards! But the house was disgusting! Very embarrassing.

However, what emerged on Monday evening, as a result of all this manic moving and cleaning, was an absolutely crippling pelvic pain. I’ve had a little bit of sharp pain in the back of my pelvis, sort of in my sacrum area, every now and again through my pregnancy, but then it’s been a couple of seconds of ‘ouch’ and it’s gone again. This time, every time I took a step in any direction, I was doubled over in stabbing pains.

Sleep was appalling on Monday night, as I found turning over in bed excruciating; then Tuesday I had to hobble round the house and even simple little tasks like emptying the dishwasher (ridiculously excited about having a dishwasher in the new house, but that’s beside the point!) or getting my breakfast became really difficult.

Later in the morning, I braved it and took the dog out for a walk, in the hope that it might ease the pain, and although it seemed to at first, just accidentally taking a stride that was slightly too long had me seized up in agony again. It was a rather slow walk!

The lovely ladies at my birthing class last night were keen to offer their suggestions and all of them told me to self-refer to the physiotherapy department at the hospital and try to get a cancellation appointment. So, having braved it into school this morning (driving 75 miles was not especially comfortable) I called the hospital and have booked an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

I don’t really know what to expect – I just really hope it hurts less afterwards than it does now! I feel like an old woman at the moment, hobbling around clutching my lower back! I never ever wear flat shoes to teach in – somehow wearing heels makes me feel much more in control and assertive; so shuffling along in small steps in ballet shoes today felt really odd. And the children delighted in telling me how short I am when I’m not in heels. You can always trust a teenager to make your day!

Thursday, 23 January 2014  |  12:05

Hi Suzie! Congrats on the house move - I've just done the same and am also very excited to have a dishwasher!!
I'm suffering from pelvis pain too, I had the same problem with my last pregnancy. I went to Physio last time, they gave me a back support and did some exercises with me but to be honest, it didn't help much. This time I've seen a chiropractor a couple of times and it's helped slightly more, but I'm still in pain. Sorry this isn't much help, I just wanted you to know you're not alone! I hope the physio does manage to help you. Turning over in bed with pelvis pain is THE WORST! Good luck.xx

Tuesday, 28 January 2014  |  13:25

Hi Liz - sorry for the delayed response - only just got broadband! The physio was actually really good; my sacrum was really wonky and needed pushing back into place. I've also got some exercises, but that and an amazing baby belt support, have made a huge difference. I still get twinges and it really aches in the evening, but not as bad as it was. I'm learning ways of turning over in bed that must look ridiculous but are more comfortable!
Hope your pain eases soon - this problem seems to be a lot more common than I ever realised! Good luck to you too x