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Suffering from SPD? Ways to take your mind of it ..

1 CommentTuesday, 3 May 2016  |  Admin

So SPD has kept me under house arrest this is how I’ve coped with the boredom

As I’ve said in my previous blogs I’ve had SPD since 21 weeks and had to give up work shortly after. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands since my little boy is 5 and is at school and due to both my husband and I work we have an amazing childminder who takes my son to school and picks him up. So that gives me one less thing to worry about, I couldn’t walk to the school with all the pain and I live within a distance that we can walk to and from school. I really don’t like to take the car.
So what have I done with my time to stop me going out of my mind?
1. Start this blog, there is such a wealth pregnancy blogs and advice out there but I’ve read a lot of them because it is always nice to know that someone else has been through a similar situation/illness/problem that you have. But SPD is so generalised that it scared me at the start and still does, how do you recover? How long will it be after my baby is born that I can push the pram round the supermarket or into town without the grinding pain in my pelvis? We’ll see and I’ll keep you updated.
2. Boxsets… Well Netflix for me has been amazing. Ever had a show on TV that you watch because ‘nothing else is on’ but it is part of several series and you jump around and never seen the first episode. This was How I Met your Mother for me, and I found all 204 episodes on Netflix. They are 20 mins each (without adverts) and I’ve watched them all. I tried Big Bang Theory and Fresh Meat which I got bored of very quickly. So I needed something different that would grip me. After lots of great recommendations I watched Netflix exclusive House of Cards. I got addicted and I loved it. Now I got a recommendation from my best friend which was Homeland which is great too. I’m half was through season 4 at the moment and I’m wondering whether I’ll see the rest of season 4 before baby comes. Season 5 isn’t on Netflix yet so I’ll have to wait.
3. Although number 2 makes me out to be a TV addict I really wasn’t before this stint at home. But I needed something to learn and keep my brain ticking over. So at Xmas my brother in law and girlfriend bought me a knitting bundle which at the time I thought would sit in a cupboard and gather dust. It hasn’t and thankfully due to the revolution of You Tube videos I’ve made a few scarfs so far with various different stitches. I’m knitting a navy one for next winter for my 5 year. Maybe once the baby is here I’ll take for adventurous and try to make something else. Or more than likely it will go in the cupboard. Anyway it is something new for me.
4. Planning my return to work. Situations change when you have kids and your job needs to accommodate your changes so that you can get the work-life balance right (hopefully). I work for a large business in the UK that possible has the scope for me to move around so I don’t have to go back to the same job that I left. So I’ve been researching the positions that could suit me and if I need any extra experience or qualifications to improve my career in the long run.
So that is what I’ve been doing. I’m now 38 weeks Pregnant and my pelvis pain has actually improved slightly I’m putting that down to the fact that my baby is engaged and its head is actually keeping my pelvis from grinding so much, I call it the duck waddling stage.
I’ve been trying out all the ‘natural’ induction theory’s like raspberry leaf tea (which I quite like now), pineapple, extra spicy stuff none of which have made any difference. But if anything does I’ll let you know.


Tuesday, 3 May 2016  |  10:02

Leanne - I suffered from terrible SPD and I don't know whether this happens to everyone but the second I had the baby it went ... hope that makes you feel a bit better!