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Struggling with fussy eating

Wednesday, 20 April 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me

Fussy Eating

I know that lots of toddlers go through stages where they become very fussy when it comes to food. Whilst I know that I'm not the only mom struggling with a fussy eater, it can be easy to think that every other toddler is eating really well whilst yours is refusing everything. Jack is exceptionally fussy when eating and it is something that we have been trying to improve for a while. Whilst Jack is still fussy, we have seen some improvement. We will (hopefully) get there eventually. 

Below are some things that I have tried to improve Jack's eating.

1) Eat together as a family 

We have always eaten our main meal as a family but as a bit of a snacker, I haven't always eaten breakfast and lunch with Jack. I would sit with Jack but would not be eating myself. In the last few months, I have made a few adjustments and now ensure that I eat at the same time as Jack. I think it really helps for them to see someone else eating. I always try to talk to Jack during mealtimes. I found that even when he is resisting food, this often distracts him.

2) Don't put pressure on your child to eat

I have learnt that one of the worst things I can do is to pressure Jack to eat the food I offer him. He still   doesn't eat it and I find myself just becoming stressed. I have learnt to offer it him and if he doesn't eat it, I just remove it without comment. 

3) Still offer new foods and even if he refuses them - try again!

I offer Jack new foods and previously resisted foods again and again. Sometimes it can take over 10 attempts to get him to eat something new. Jack doesn't like certain textures so someone small like the feel of a food or it's texture in Jack's mouth can be quite off putting. Just keep trying, eventually your little one may try it. 

4) Praise your child when they eat. Even if it is a small amount!

I do not comment when Jack refuses food. I just take the plate away. In comparison I always try to praise Jack when he eats something even if it is a small amount. Positive praise makes all the difference. It often results in Jack continuing to eat.

5) Be patient if your child is a slow eater.

Jack is a slow eater and can often taken over 30 minutes to eat a meal. I always sit with him and wait until he has finished. He often spends the first few minutes of any meal messing with his food.

Fussy Eating isn't easy and we all want our children to eat well. Even the most fussiest of eaters will at some point eat more variety. There are not that many adults who mostly eat cheese sandwiches, grapes and bananas surely!