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Storksak discount code

Monday, 26 November 2018  |  Admin


Looking for a discount code for Storksak ?  Read on .... 

If looking good makes you feel good and feeling good means you are relaxed and happier. Then this  probably means your baby is happier, so based on that, then surely it makes total sense to  buy the bag you really adore? The one you keep looking at on-line and wondering whether you can afford it .....  Surely you owe it to your baby to buy this bag?  And that  is female logic here at Mummy and Little Me...

Storksak Baby changing bags are the God Fathers in the changing bag world - they have been around longer than any of the other brands we work with. Storksak were the first brand that realised not all parents want their changing bag to look like a changing bag, in fact they would like it to look like a really gorgeous handbag! The Elizabeth was born which is still to date our most reviewed changing bag - we have noticed that the professionals love this bag and we hear it great because sometimes it goes to work as well.

The Storksak Discount code

Well if you already know you want a Storksak then lets get straight to what you want! You can save 10% just use code 'first10' at checkout (no other offers may apply)


What is so special about a Storksak Changing bag

Let's show you what Storksak has to offer ...

 Discounted Storksak Changing bags

Storksak are known for their Classic Leather collection, they have produced some stunning leather bags like the ones above, over the years. In fact the Elizabeth in tan  (top left) is our most reviewed changing bag ever. It also has won the annual 2016 Mummy & Little Me baby changing awards where our customers vote for their favorite bag. The Kym (bottom left) is a new leather changing bag and this bag can be personalised by putting initials into the strap at the front. 

Storksak have always been leaders in the industry and are often the first to bring out new ideas and styles - take a look at the brand new Poppy changing bag, it is made from a new 'scuba' material which is lightweight and waterproof. 


Storksak Changing bags


Please don't forget if you need any advice on Storksak or indeed any other baby changing bags then please just give us a call on 01522 684153  or send an email and we will be very happy to talk through your options and help you find the right bag for you.