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Tuesday, 29 September 2020  |  Admin

For anyone that has ever suffered from Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), you will know it is one of the most excruciating pains you can have,  for me I used to wake up in the morning and hardly be able to move my pelvis, let alone walk to the loo. Every morning for the first hour until I had stretched  my joints the pain would make me cry!  Every single step would feel like a marathon, especially going down the stairs, then as the day went on it would ease, but if I sat down for longer than a few minutes or didn't keep moving then it would be back. Then as we came to the end of the day the pain would start again - if I did any serious exercise or even walked round the shops then I would pay for it - which looking back on it did not help my motivation to stay fit.

  Sometimes you just put up with things as you presume that nothing can be done - in my case I am pretty sure that the fact I put 4 stone on ( yes went from a size 6 to a size 12 in a few months) was the reason my pelvis was hurting, I'm sure that extra weight did not help. I said to myself that my baby was very hungry, it wasn't my fault I ate a lot!  I took no responsibility  for my new bad habit. I have to say it took awhile to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight so in hindsight I wish I had been more controlled with my diet! However, you live and learn, so while I was  chocolate than was necessary, I just put up with the pain.  I sort of felt a bit guilty about all the food I had eaten and decided it really was my own fault, so therefore nothing to be done, a bit like a hangover I guess, this more of a foodover. 

Then I talked to  my Midwife, I found out this pain has a name SPD and there were things that could be done. I eventually got a physio appointment and then a supportive girdle which helped  but to be quite honest was a little too late really.  If only I had known this early on, seen a medic who would have said you don't need to eat 2 portions at every meal.... 

So for any of you expectant Mum's out there with pain, you don't need to suffer - either talk to your Midwife and get referred which will be your cheapest option - or we have a new product  which, I won't lie it looks a little weird,  I have no doubt if you are suffering like I did then you seriously will not give a monkeys about how it looks -  apparently it is amazing. The V sling! Da da .... 

SPD relief

So here we are - click here to buy, at £54.95 - plus we do a first order discount - read Charlotte's review that came in 2 days ago - it made me remember that pain so thought I would share this with you all.  Get yourself some support, you could order now and be out of pain by tomorrow xx 

Do call if you have any questions on 01522 684153.