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SPD is now stopping poor Sarah from working full time!

Friday, 30 August 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Well still suffering from SPD and no sign of my physio referal as yet , ...... Ive had to reduce my hours at work because im struggling on the 12hr shift pattern , so im only waddling around now for 1day a week until the end of September :)
I'm 30weeks now , so I'm feeling the end is in sight , thou i keep scaring myself with all the midwife programs , i know i only gave birth a year ago but i seem to have blocked everything out of my mind. But equally that could be because ive been so busy getting ready for the new school year which starts on Tuesday :)
However ive still forgotten zaks pumps for pe so now ive got to brave the shops this weekend to get that sorted !
As for the womb squatter , we seem to be very organised .... The double buggy is due for delivery on 26th September , we have ordered the Phil and teds dot with the doubles kit , we did test drive the other double buggys available in the shop but i couldn't get to grips with the actual size of them !!!! Some of them are soooooooooo big !!! in fact one of them had the turning circle of a JCB !!!!
And on a more practical note , when charlie is better walking around i won't need a double buggy forever , so the Phil and teds does come with a removable doubles kit :) so will turn back into a single buggy when needed :) .!!!
We've also picked new bedding for the cot and crib so just need to get new matresses sorted and maybe a few nice treats for comfort :)
I'm back at midwife for more bloods next week , then end of September for the final scan and plan as this baby is lying transverse and has not decided which way to turn .....
Ive been having so many big movements at the minute , they are are visable throu my clothes , i was almost convinced that baby was making An entrance via my belly button eeeeeeekkkkkkkk !!!!!
Hope you've all had a good week , and good Luck for the children going back to school next week !!!!
Sarah :) xxx

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